We have had to be resilient this term!

As a school we are undertaking the Building Resilience program. These are challenging times for all of us and the need to be resilient has never been greater. Our pupils have been learning that the river of life can be changeable. Sometimes you find yourself in calm waters, sometimes in stormy waters. Learning to be resilient can help you navigate the river of life. Over the course of this session we will learn about ten things that will help us all to become more resilient. Look at our video for the key messages our pupils want to share with you….. Fall down six, get up seven!

(Editor’s note. Well done Clyde and Blair we got there in the end……very resilient!)

School Update

We were disappointed not to make our planned progress visit to the school site last week but with current new restrictions in place this was completely understandable. Thankfully, the lovely builders did take some pictures for us and we wanted to share them with you. Inside the school the electrics and gas are complete, walls are painted, doors are hung and flooring is almost finished. Good progress is being made but we are unable to offer a speculative date for entry at this point. When we hear, you’ll hear. In the meantime here are some teaser pictures….

View of the current ground works undertaken
Classroom corridor
Entrance to classroom – sliding panels
Nursery space
Staff room area