SchoolPay is the online system used across East Lothian schools. It allows parents to order and pay for their children’s school lunches, school milk, and pay for any trips or other items that has a cost attached. Nursery snack is also paid for through SchoolPay.

If your child is new to East Lothian, we will send you registration details as soon as we have them on our system. We send you a code and instructions, and we ask that you please register your child as soon as possible. As soon as you have done this, you will be able to see their account and order/pay for any school lunches and school milk.

If your child has previously registered at another East Lothian school or nursery, they will automatically transfer to us as soon as they are enrolled – you won’t have to do anything else.

Ordering Lunches – lunches need to be ordered by 8am on a Monday for that week. It’s a good idea to order for as many weeks in advance as the system will allow. Children from nursery to P4 in Scotland do not pay for school lunches; please don’t pay any money into their account if your child is in this age group.

If you are due to pay the school money for anything, we will let you know exactly how much and to which fund this needs to be paid. Please make sure you pay into the correct fund!

If at any point you encounter problems registering or using SchoolPay, just contact the school office and we’ll be able to help.