Nursery Payments & Ordering lunches

Children in Scotland aged from nursery to P4 do not have to pay for school lunches. We do ask parent to contribute towards the cost of nursery snack, though. This provides your child with two healthy snacks during their day at nursery.

SchoolPay is the system used across all East Lothian Council schools to pay for and order items for your child. We use this system to collect your nursery snack payments, and you can use it to order your nursery child’s lunch.

When you first join our nursery we will let you know what you need to do to register for SchoolPay. If you’re joining us from another East Lothian establishment, your child’s account will move across when we enrol them.

It’s really important that you pay money into the correct fund in SchoolPay. We will always let you know exactly how much and to which fund you need to pay any money. For nursery children, this will almost always be into the Nursery Snack fund.

Ordering Lunches – lunches need to be ordered through SchoolPay by 8am on a Monday morning, for the week ahead. It’s a good idea to order in advance for as many weeks as the system will allow. Please only order for the days that your child attends, taking into account alternate Fridays, but you may find you need to choose ‘eating at home’ for the days your child doesn’t attend. We’ve added the Friday dates for the Weds/Thurs group and for the Mon/Tues group to our website, so you can double check.