P1 Enrolment for August 2021

East Lothian Council are making arrangements to enrol pupils to primary one in August 2021 across our schools. Any child whose fifth birthday falls between 1 March 2021 and the last day of February 2022 is eligible to start school in August 2021. 

Due to COVID-19, school buildings are currently closed to the public, so an alternative process has been put in place for this year to make it quicker, easier and safer for our schools and families. This process is different to previous years, so please take the time to read this information so you understand the changes.  Please do not come to your local school to hand in any documentation; it should be completed digitally.

If you live in the East Lothian Council area and your child is attending a funded Early Learning and Childcare provision (for example, one of our local authority nurseries, a partner nursery, childminder or community group) you should have received a letter from ELC about P1 enrolment.  The letter states that a place is being held for your child in the non-denominational catchment school based on the home address. Letters were posted on 8 December.

If you live within the Letham Mains PS catchment area and you have not received a letter like this from East Lothian Council, please email us and we will send you an enrolment form. You will need to send this back to us digitally, by January 31st 2001, along with the following documentation:

  1. Your child’s birth certificate
  2. Proof of address:
    • If your property is rented, we need either:
      • Rental agreement or
      • Offer of tenancy from ELC
    • If your property is purchased we need:
      • Proof of concluded missives, with the address of the property on it – please note that a reservation agreement will not be accepted
  3. A utility bill for that address
  4. Council tax bill or assessment letter – Note: most new properties will not have this available – please send it to us as soon as you receive it

Documents in red are required straight away- we cannot process your application without them. Those in green need to be provided as soon as you have them, but we can still accept your application (provided you have given us the other documents).

If you live outwith the Letham Mains PS catchment, you are still entitled to apply for a non-catchment place. Please see East Lothian Council’s guidance on how to do this here. It may help you to know that due to the significant number of new house building in the Letham Mains Primary School catchment area, ELC have been unable to grant non-catchment places over the last two years to ensure that catchment pupils can be accommodated.

If there is anything you would like help with, or clarification on, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll get straight back to you.

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year

Crikey! it has been some year. All of us have been called upon to make sacrifices and live our lives in a very different and unprecedented way. What has been remarkable though, is the camaraderie and spirt shown by our pupils and our parents. It has been heartening to see at first hand such a can do attitude despite our pupils missing out on some of the regular experiences of a school in normal times. We felt this especially for our new P1s but our staff have been amazing about ensuring that every child feels valued and cared for and we have done our best to compensate for some of those restrictions. But boy are we going to have a good year next year! We are looking forward to starting in our new building and when things return to some sort of normality, ensuring that our parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate within our school life as much as possible.

This is just a thank you to Team Letham; to our staff who have worked tirelessly, to our pupils who amaze and delight us every day and to our parents for making our jobs so easy. We couldn’t do our staff panto this year, we couldn’t do our nativity (next year’s will be big and bold for those who missed out!) but here is a little light relief from our multi-talented staff. Have a lovely Christmas!

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