Home Learning Using Technology (or don’t worry be ‘appy!)

We want to harness the power of technology to help support learning in a fun and exciting way! Here are some of our recommendations for apps that will stimulate your curiosity and get your brain engaged. So power up, tune in and get learning….


Pirate Phonics

Rescue the treasure and practise your phonics as you go along. Three island adventures to complete. Great for learning letter sounds and developing early decoding skills.

Hairy Letters

Learn the letter sounds, play the games and help to practise your letter formation. Some lovely early CVC word manipulation.
A lot in here, taking you from early sound recognition to blending, segmenting, reading tricky words (words that don’t sound like they are written) to reading full sentences.

Alphablocks clips on Youtube

Great clips for consolidationg sounds and practising blends.


Maths Fight – two player game

Practise of the four claculations for easy to difficult (ad/ subtract/ multiply and divide)

Creativity and Curiosity

Book Creator

An amazing intuitive tool for creating digital interactive books using text, pictures, video and speech recording. So easy to use – a favourite of our P1s

Puppet Pals HD Directors Pass

Make your own animated movie – voiced by you and your friends. Easy to use and lots of fun! Great for story scripting, characterisation and plot setting. From simple short clips to extended movies. You can even add yourself into the plot.

I Can Animate

Make your own animation by taking a series of photos and letting the software run them together. You can add sounds or voices over the top. Great for using with your own toys (like Shaun’s above) or drawing onto a white board and making moving cartoons. Let your imagination go wild!