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In these unusual circumstances, our transition for new pupils has to be markedly different from what would be our normal practice. We had hoped to invite all new parents and their child (individually) to an outdoors, socially distanced meeting with their teacher. Unfortunately, this falls foul of the ‘one household per day’ meeting stipulation from Scottish Government. So in response we are firstly offering a Google Meet for all new pupils to jointly meet our teachers, hear a story, introduce themselves and see their other classmates. This will happen on Thursday 11th June at 9:30 so please look out for an invite coming directly to your email address on the day. We do hope you can make it.

Alongside this, we will email our transition pack, with a fun task for over the summer that will help us to get off to a running start with your children for next term. We have already emailed the school handbook which has details of school uniform and start times, school lunches and the like. We do not yet have clarity on the return date for pupils as usually, the first day or two back is reserved for teaching staff only. When we have more detail we will be in touch.

We’ve had to be a little creative with our transition – so please find below a virtual tour and some teaching videos which demonstrate the teaching strategies for our primary one pupils.

As we will continue to be hosted at Haddington Infant Campus until the opening our new building, here is a virtual tour of our accommodation for our new pupils.

Part of our transition would include some teacher talks about how some of the core subjects are taught in primary one. Please view the videos below to learn how we engage your children in the core areas of literacy, numeracy and health and well-being. These are the activities that your children will experience as part of their primary one experience. These exemplify the pedagogy we use.

Early maths and numeracy in primary one


Health and Wellbeing



These hopefully will allow some insight into the methodology and contentof our early years curriculum