Meet the Team

Head Teacher – Bruce Murray

I am absolutely delighted to lead the team that will become Letham Mains Primary. It’s a real privilege and such a unique opportunity to help create the vision and culture of a brand new school.

I was in the fortunate position to be able to recruit several staff before the end of the summer term. Melanie Ross is currently taking our inaugural class, having come to LMPS from Sciennes Primary in Edinburgh. Her range of experience and skill with the pupils is very evident. Alongside Melanie for session 2020 we have Kirsty Marks joining us from Pencaitland Primary, where she has worked with P7 and been their Support for Learning teacher. Kirsty is a very committed and passionate teacher and I am glad to have her as part of our team. Click on our pictures to find out more.

Melanie Ross
Kirsty Marks

At the heart of the school is Lynn Donohoe. She is our Business Administrator and keeps things ticking over in our school office.

Lynn Donohoe

Delighted too, to have Rosie MacDonald who joins us as our Senior Early Years Practitioner and will oversee our nursery provision. Her wealth of experience will be a great asset to the school. 

Rosie MacDonald

This Hilary Betts who will be providing in-class support to our pupils. With many years experience in other school settings, Hilary is a great addition to our team. 

Hilary Betts

6 Replies to “Meet the Team”

  1. Hi I sell a few things on eBay and I received an email last night asking if I would donate a necklace for dress up if it didn’t sell, I am a teaching assistant myself and the necklace in question I feel is far too flimsy for children’s play. I was very suspicious of this email as we write to Large businesses for donations but have never emailed eBay. I’m curious to know if this was a genuine request from one of your staff or a scam? Links to your school were sent with the email.

    By the way, your school looks fabulous 🙂

    1. This was a genuine request. We have a wonderful Auxiliary who is pretty gung-ho about getting out there and asking for donations. Apologies if any offence caused. We have been the luck recipients of several donate items from this process. Thank you too for your kind words – regards, Bruce

  2. I too have been contacted by the school to give a donation which I did by way of some ‘my little ponies’ . I did this whilst my husband was in hospital so I did have rather a lot on my mind! I didn’t mind contributing but would have appreciated a ‘thank you’ for letting me know that the item had arrived.

    1. Andria, firstly my apologies for the tardiness of our reply. We have a single staff member who is replying and doing our thank yous. We are really grateful for your generosity and our pupils have benefitted from this. I hope too, that your husband is now feeling better. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday. Best regards, Bruce Murray (Headteacher)

  3. Hilary reached out to me via Ebay to ask for a donation. I manage my sons Ebay account where we’re selling his old toys and he is happy for the school to have the item she asked for. Please tell Hilary the dinosaurs are on their way.

    Changing subject, there is another matter I’d like to propose that could be mutually beneficial.
    I’m currently developing an online theatrical storytelling performance to be delivered over Zoom with my collaborator who is a musician, storyteller and composer. The piece combines storytelling with live and pre-recorded music combined with props, pop-up constructions, shadow puppetry and green-screen video (I’m an author, illustrator and paper-engineer, so responsible for all the visual aspects of the show.
    Sometime next year, we’re looking to test out the show on a school audience. We willing to offer you free preview in exchange for your feedback and, if possible, testimonials or quotes from the some of the teachers and children. We’d also like to try out the after show Q and A component to see how that might work, which will give the children a chance to ask us questions and find out all about we do.
    Let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in – we’d love to hear from you.

    My website is here:

    My collaborator Jonathan Lambert’s site can be found here:

    There’s some images of the making of the show on my Instagram page:

    And I can be reached on the following email:

    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to hearing from you.

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