Live from Ardmay: Part Two

weaseling.JPG abseil.JPG

Today we were all up bright and early…well the boys were at 6.15am! Yes mums 6.15am! No excuses for long lies now! We had our first breakfast at Ardmay. It was lush! We split into our groups. Some people went hill walking all day and they found snow at the top for a snowball fight! Another two groups went weaseling (it was a tight squeeze in the caves!) and then either problem solving or canoeing. Another group were rock climbing, abseiling and they were problem solving too. One P7 said ‘ The abseiling was freaky at the top but once you got down you wanted to do it again!’ One brave weaseler said, ‘ I managed to do all the weaseling holes and I was very proud!’ This evening we had a dynamite dinner of mac ‘n’ cheese or spag bol with sticky toffee pudding! We went outside and did a scavengar hunt and played some running games! We are now chilling out playing games before bed time (yeah right!) Sleep tight don’t let the tick bugs bite!!!!

Adam, Euan R, Rebecca, Fin (And Miss B!)