Live from Ardmay: Part Three

abseiling.JPG fraser-abseil.JPG canoeing.JPG

Today at Ardmay House….. half the boys got up at 6.15 am AGAIN!!! Unlike the girls who seem to be able to sleep forever! The groups were out doing different activities, similar to yesterday. One P7 who went rock climbing and abseiling said, ‘ Climbing up the rocks made us feel like we were spiders!’ Another P7 who did a whole day hill walk said, ‘We slide down mud tracks and had a big snowball fight! The mountain gives you the most amazing views!’ One tired P7 said’ Yawn! When we were problem solving today we learned how to work as a team. My favourite part was swinging onto the crates and stay on them!’ Miss Hutcheson said ‘I loved every minute of it. I loved weaseling (including the little robin that followed us through) and abseiling!’ This evening for dinner we had soup and battered haddock. In the evening we went to the beach to hunt for things and did environmental work. At supper time we had chocolate crispies made by our talented P7 chefs!’ We are looking forward to our final full day tomorrow even though we are all getting tired!