Sports Day!

A very successful (and thankfully dry!) sports day was had on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th June. P5-7 took part in high jump, long jump, cricket ball throwing and 600m races on Monday. House and Vice captains picked teams to participate in each event and earn points for their houses. On Tuesday P1-7 participated in an afternoon of potted sports which culminated in the P5, 6 and 7 relay event. Pictured below are the P7 Douglas House Captain and Vice Captains who were the winning house! Well done to all the houses and children who took part – a marvellous sense of sportsmanship was felt all day!

sports.JPG Click the image to see a full-size version.

5 thoughts on “Sports Day!”

  1. I know this is not about sports day but anyway skools out and its a blast! We have only been out a few hours but it feels much longer. The reason for all of us former P7’s crying, most of us, is because we were all so sad to leave. But we have crossed the line for have way! It feels great being 1st years well almost 1st years the rest of the hols will go soooooooooooooo fast. Hope all u teachers will have a gr8 summer. Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeee!!!!!

  2. hello again,
    Well done to everyone in wemys!
    Looks like everyone has behaved in the playground and that our dream has finaly come true!
    Although we lost sports day we proved that wemys can win for our playground behavouir.

    Well Done again!

    I will miss everyone and all the teachers, and Rebecca was right, Miss B rocks!

    Have a good holiday!
    Brodie xxx

    P.S I will still come on this website every week!

  3. it sounded great I am from Croftmalloch p.s in Whitburn

    I am in primary 7
    we have a sports day every year as well
    bye Rachel

  4. remember that x
    (still hasnt been updated since charteris won though 😛 )

    miss you all soo much xxx
    and nearly the start of a whole new year for charteris to come and win everything all over again xx

    loveyouall !!

    xx- Jeni -xx

  5. i will miss u the most and the teachers over the years ilove u all i miss u (i am sad)

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