Primary Six Innerwick Adventure!

Last week primary six pupils spent an ‘awesome’ two nights in Innerwick at camp to help them work towards the Discovery Level of their John Muir Award (more about this on class web pages).

 While on camp the children:

went boating at West Barns;

p9040090.JPG   p9050044.JPG

explored John Muirs Birthplace in Dunbar;


carried out conservation in Binning Wood;

p9050062.JPG  p9030046.JPG

went on a nature walk and gorge walk in Woodhall Dean;

p9030036.JPG  p9030026.JPG

visited Cove harbour to carry out art and drama work;


and went on a spooky night walk! 

All the activities were great fun and the children had a great time carrying them out! Well done primary six!


12 thoughts on “Primary Six Innerwick Adventure!”

  1. Hi everyone!
    Its me again!
    Looks like all of the P6’s had great fun at innerwick! I certainly enjoyed it when I was in P6. GREAT photos too! Kyle sure stands out in the picture of him in the kayak (I just wish that he fell in).
    Kyle would like to say that he had great fun and thank you to all the teachers and he can’t wait untill his P7 camp (either can i!(peace again!)) hehe!

    From Brodie (kyle’s sister and former pupil) hehe!

  2. Wow I had so mutch fun last year and I am in one of the pictures up there and I don’t even go to that school any more. For my friends that go on this website “Hi” I loved innerwick and I can’t stop telling my friends at my new school how fun it was. I liked the canooing best.

  3. hi guys remember me rhiannon lives in oz now ring any bells! i had a great time when i went to innerwick and i was dying to tell the p5’s when they were p5’s all about it but i wasnt aloud so im glad u had a great and by the way im STILL in p6 it stinks soooooo much well cya

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