Kingswood Campers – The Final Chapter

tmpphpol7u4n1.jpgWow! The end of the week already! It’s passed so quickly and we’ve all had so much fun!

Today groups have done lots of amazing activities. Balance beam (really high in the air), crate stack (Liam and Logan beat the centre’s record!), Leap of Faith, Parachute games, orienteering, den building and circus skills!

tmpphpm3layv1.jpg  tmpphpnqjeyf1.jpg  tmpphpnrbssc1.jpg  tmpphp9bhrdo1.jpg

This evening we have had a disco with Italian visitors to the centre!

 Looking forward to seeing all the mums and dads tomorrow!

Bye Bye! xxx

Day Two…Kingswood campers in the diary room…


Our fantstic accomodation! 

On Sunday night we did an activity called Scrapheap Challenge. The aim was to win scrap, to keep a rubber glove filled with water from bursting when dropped. We had to do lots of silly challenges like; pretending to be a chicken laying a large square egg, singing a version of Barbie Girl, making up a short funny play about being active and finally making clothes out of paper, which were then shown on a catwalk! The group leaders then tested all the scrap glove protectors, which we made from all the scrap we won. If the glove didn’t burst the leaders poured it over themselves!

tmpphpnu6jw61.jpg    tmpphp23mpzz1.jpg  tmpphpfmylyr1.jpg  tmpphpktp2na1.jpg 

The efforts of our children to win scrap from Scrapheap Challenge! 

Yesterday we woke bright and early (the girls at 6.00am!!!!) after a good nights sleep. We had lots of activities to do including; climbing, fencing, problem solving, circus skills, archery, abseiling, Jacobs Ladder, zip wire, aeroball and mission possible.

tmpphp4ivssn1.jpg  tmpphpxodnch1.jpg  tmpphpqw2glg1.jpg  tmpphpp2ezrr1.jpg  tmpphpjhbuit1.jpg

Lots of brilliant children achieving success in all they do! Abseiling, zipwire, Jacob’s Ladder and problem solving. 

‘I enjoyed doing the fencing because it was a good sport and good fun.’ Mollie

‘I like doing the Archery because it was challenging but fun!’ Michael H

‘Jacob’s Ladder was mental! It was really hard but really fun too.’ Jake H

‘ I like the problem solving as it was funny when people fell off the tyres we were using! It was good to work as a team.’ Ailsa

‘ The whole day was fun! I enjoyed Jacob’s Ladder the best because it was high!’ Cameron B

‘I enjoyed everything today. My favourite was probably Jacob’s Ladder. It was fun!’ Sarah

‘ I enjoyed fencing today as you got to wear clothes and masks.’ Anna

‘ My favourite thing was pizza for tea. It was chewy and crunchy at the same time. YUM!’ Craig

Last night we played Hot Spots (a bit like giant twister). Everyone joined in and we played lots of games on it. It was great fun!

Finally it was time for bed…………………………. Z z z z z z z z z z z z z

(Some children even ASKED to go to bed!!! Everyone asleep by 10pm – teachers too!!!)

By Michael H and Ailsa (and Miss B) xxx

Kingswood Campers – Day One

Hi-de-hi from the happy, very muddy campers!

So our day began and eventually our bus arrived. We left our weeping mothers and unmoved little brothers and sisters far behind, as we drove off into the sunset to begin a wonderful adventure!

On our arrival we were welcomed by smiling instructors who took us for a tour of the camp and a quick briefing. We were then shown our dorms and had to make our beds. We know realise this is a very hard job and we will never be mean to our parents again.

We were divided into our activity groups and went off to do our first activity. Group A’s activity was abseiling and they found it fun. Ailsa said ‘It was quite scary walking off the edge!’


Miss Hutcheson on the way down!



 Christopher having a great time coming down!

Group B did Team Tech, which involved lots of team work. Group C did a nightline (during the day!) and got extremely muddy and mucky! Lots of trousers are now mud brown instead of blue!

We then had dinner, which was amazing! We had a choice of curry, hot dogs, baked potatoes, salad bar and dessert of rice pudding! Yum!

Stay tuned for further adventures from the Happy, Muddy Campers!

By Ailsa and Melissa