Kingswood Campers – The Final Chapter

tmpphpol7u4n1.jpgWow! The end of the week already! It’s passed so quickly and we’ve all had so much fun!

Today groups have done lots of amazing activities. Balance beam (really high in the air), crate stack (Liam and Logan beat the centre’s record!), Leap of Faith, Parachute games, orienteering, den building and circus skills!

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This evening we have had a disco with Italian visitors to the centre!

 Looking forward to seeing all the mums and dads tomorrow!

Bye Bye! xxx

5 thoughts on “Kingswood Campers – The Final Chapter”

  1. Hiya Susanne. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and hearing all your stories. Mum, Dad & Andrew

  2. kingswood was the best!!! my fave was the zip line coz it was soooooooooooooooo high!!! my mum has never seen so much mud in her life. see u. stephanie

  3. heya guys

    kingswood rawks an we all know it !!!!! x

    i know the P7’s next year hav a good time coz we all loved it x

    xx- Jeni cee -xx

  4. kingswood was the best trip i have ever been on heheh
    luv from

  5. oh em almost forgot longniddry primary miss you:(
    but making new friends at pl 🙂
    miss my teachers so much such as miss bertram and miss hutcheson but now shes called mrs forgie 🙂 wow!!!!
    luv from

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