Greetings From South Africa – Hallo daar!

Hello from beautiful, sunny South Africa! Miss Boyd and myself have been having such a wonderful time here. When we arrived teahcers and pupils (Zanelle and Girvan) came to greet us in Kimberley. We went to visit ‘The Big Hole’ where the first diamonds were mined and then went to Hopetown to meet all the teachers! We have been very busy ever since! Here is a taste of what we have done…

– visit to a game reserve to see sprinkbok and other animals

– swimming in the Oranje River

– visit a town called Bloomfontein to see the zoo, botanical gardens and shops

– we have seen lots of wild animals – our favourite was the family of giraffes!

– visit to some farms

– visit to a salt mine

– Miss Bertram got to drive a jeep across sand to the river!

Everyday day we have been to school. We have been in classes and the children have asked us lots of very good questions. They have enjoyed looking at pictures of the snow and other photos we brought with us. The teachers and learners at Oranje Diamant school have been very kind to us and have made us have such a fun time here!  

We are going to enjoy the rest of the week very much – time is passing too quickly!

See you soon!

Miss B and Miss B

Nursery Fire Engine Visit!

The nursery boys and girls were so excited by the visit we had today from Blue Watch from Musselburgh ! First we had a visit from Phil Gray one of our parents to tell us all about his job as a firefighter. Mrs Gardner tried on the uniform – it was very , very heavy ! Then we learned all about the machinery on the fire engine before climbing aboard and then having a turn of the hose !!! A great big thank you to Blue Watch and Phil for this fantastic learning experience !

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