Morning Update

The news from Kingswood is that everyone survived the night……..even the teachers!  A few sleepy heads this morning but everyone is well and happy.

Everyone had healthy appetites at tea time last night and Miss Hart reports that 2nd’s and 3rd’s were had by a number of children! Last night the activity was a Scrapheap Challenge. It has been snowing through the night so it is a ‘winter wonderland’ today.  After breakfast the groups are off to do the ‘leap of faith’ and ‘jungle vines’ activities.

More updates later.

13 thoughts on “Morning Update”

  1. Hi Euan, your dad and l are wondering how many helpings of macaroni you had for dinner! And what you created in scrapheap challenge, DB9? Have a fun day. Mum & Dad xxx 🙂

  2. Morning Henry:D I missed you this morning, it’s much better at home when you’re here too. Have fun today and can’t wait till Wednesday xxx♡

  3. Morning Eve. Hope you got some sleep! Missed you so much last night and this morning. Keep warm!! No snow here but lots of rain YUK!

  4. Hiya Jacky Boomer did you & Ade get any zzzzzzz’s last night?
    Have a fun day .
    Lots of love & a big sloppy kiss from mum. Xxxx

  5. Hi Em we all missed you this morning its very quiet, glad to hear you are doing leap of faith today tell us all about it when you get back.


  6. Hi Catherine
    Hope the Leap of Faith went okay. I hear you’ve got snow – so jealous!!!! I had to sleep with Jessie last night because she wouldn’t settle without you. xxx

  7. Hi Abby, hope you enjoyed the leap of faith, don’t think I would have been brave enough to do it. Both Bonnie and Fudge have been looking for you for some cuddles. Have fun.

    Lots of love
    Mum,Dad and Conor xxxxx 😉

  8. Hi Ade, we are missing you lots but we know you’ll be having a great time! Anna is wandering round looking for you! Enjoy your time away and have lots of FUN!!!! Love ya, Mum, Dad and Anna xxxxx

  9. Hi Max!
    Hope you’re enjoying yourself – As expected, Button was looking for you last night and slept on your bed – still there now! 🙂 x

  10. Hi Mattie hope you enjoyed the leap of faith today. Hope you are keeping warm and eating well. Enjoy the night ahead its weird not having you here but keep having lots of laughs and fun. See you on

  11. Hi Thomas
    Hope you are having loads and loads of fun! We have had lots of snow blizzards today – but it’s not lying yet. Very very cold tho – I hope the giraffe onesie is keeping you nice and cozy!
    Be good!
    Lots of love, Mum, Dad, Nick, Caroline, Tango n Jazz xx

  12. Hi Liam hope your having a great time and you enjoyed the leap of faith, sounds exciting. Starting to snow at home fingers crossed you do not get too much snow. Missing you but I’m sure you are having too much fun to think about us 🙂

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