P6 Micro Tyco

P6 have been planning and organising events, quizzes and games to help raise money for the Wildhearts foundation. The money we raise will be given as a micro finance loan to those in developing countries to help them out of poverty.


During the month of November there will be many events happening. See below for details.

Wednesday 4th November: Disney and Pixar Quiz for sale @£1

Friday 6th November: Ice cream drinks for sale at break 50p

Saturday 7th November: Tattoo Stall and 100 hearts grid for sale

Monday 9th November: Christmas Quiz for sale @ £1

Tuesday 10th November: Book Sale (books cost between 50p and £1)

Friday 13th November: Smoothies for sale £1

Please support P6 in this fantastic opportunity

35 thoughts on “P6 Micro Tyco”

  1. hi its Daniel I can’t wait to do our next task .please support us with our Christmas quiz and smoothies love the book shop idea.

  2. This is even more exiting than my birthday! The book sale has some awesome books in it as well. I’m sure you will find what book you want. We have found a couple of amazing books like, how to ride a dragons storm (from the how to train your dragon series

  3. Hey everyone its me Isla! My my, I don’t know where to start. This whole Micro-Tyco project is amazing. It is a great idea. Being little Entrepreneurs has made my day! I am really happy because my group has put up our smoothie posters up AND finished our bake sale things like signs, posters, stickers and many more. We are hoping to get started as soon as possible. Hi Daniel And Hi Hazel! I am surprised you have commented already! Thats all that I wanted to say bye! Isla XxXx

  4. Hi Callum. I’m loving this chat. i hope you sell some great books. also Hazel i hope your quiz is going well – amazing job for selling 4 copies already.

  5. Hi it’s Bronach,I’m so exited to be doing micro-Tico always wanted to do things like selling stuff, my group have came up with lots of great ideas already.Thanks to my amasing group for working so hard and we have got every thing done already an we haven’t go anything till the third week in November. Hi Isal great ideas your group came up with,Hazel the quiz is really hard great,Max even thought you used about 3 red pens your grid lookers amazing,Calum bookshop idea is amazing you bound to get lots of money out of that one and Daniel I bet the smothey idea will go down a treat. Last thing to say is Good Luck to every one ,bye bye.

  6. Hi Max! I can’t wait to see how the hundred square gets on. ❤️?? I will probably buy a heart! ? Also hi Brónach I wonder what your movie night will end up like? ? ❤️❤️?

  7. Hi guys. It’s Erin. I am so excited for Micro Tyco. Everyone is so busy and hardworking, I can’t wait to see the finished results! Everyone is so enthusiastic about it, it is truly amazing to see us working together, united, by such an extraordinary task. I believe with the way we are working if we can continue this we will raise hundreds of pounds and help the millions of lives of people living in poverty. Xx

  8. yeah cant wait to start the movie night guess how many sweets are in the jar and wear it red day at the end

    im loving micro tyco and wild hearts and especialy when it is for charity

    thx miss B for coming up with such a grate topic

  9. I am LOVING micro-tyco! its so fun and lets us learn how to be mini entrepreneurs! I’m so excited for my group Helping Hearts to do our ice cream floats! hope everyone loves the floats that buys them!

    -Molly <3 help the people! <3

  10. Enjoying this project very much. Our team has already sold a few quizs of Disney. Hopefully we cant sell more quizs soon. Go Micro tyco!

  11. Hi guys I’m loving Micro Tyco I think it’s great motivational opertuity for us all.

    Also hope lots of people can make it to the Autumn Fair on Saturday!

    Best wishes Mason?

  12. Ok I just found out how to comment on this exact page and I’m really enjoying micro tyco I think evryone has amazing idea’s and I can’t wait to sell our ice cream floats tomorrow bye xxxxx

    P.s tag a heart to represent wild hearts and tough lives

  13. I can’t weat for our ice cream floats saile ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☺ to maik money money money !!!!!!!!????????????????????????? for the wild? foundation!✌

  14. 50p for ice cream floats!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? yum

  15. Hello. Good luck to all the teams who are doing stuff in the next week. I will definitely be buying an ice cream float, heart on the grid, book, quiz and loads more. There is so many amazing things planned I’ll have no money left by the end of it. Good luck!!!

  16. Just to let everyone know you can now buy christmas quizzes from:

    A) Nicholsons
    B) the staff room if you are a teacher
    C) us personally

    Quizzes cost £1 and there is a prize

  17. Hey guys I’m so excited for the Autumn fair I think my group did a great job with the ice cream floats and overall evryone is doing an amazing job! Can’t wait for Saturday I have my horse riding in the morning then I will see you all at the Autumn fair I can’t wait!!!! Well done to the evryone! ??????????????
    Cya xxx

  18. I love are new topic it is so so fun??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????and the ice floots where amazing

  19. I’m glad you enjoyed our ice cream floats Amy and good luck to all groups for this week who knows what’s in store ?

  20. Just to let evryone know,guess the teddy’s (marzipan’s) birthday is this Friday for 50p a guess we will also be going round the other classes for them to guess ?

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