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Longniddry Primary School

Kitchener Crescent


East Lothian

EH32 0LR

Telephone:01875 853161

E-mail: longniddry.ps@longniddry.elcschool.org.uk

Web: exc-el.org.uk/blogs/longniddry

26 thoughts on “About our school”

  1. Hi Longniddry, I went to your school in about ?1974-5. It’s hard to tell from the tiny photos, but the hall looks exactly like I remember. I can’t be sure of course, maybe it was some other school in the area? But Google dosn’t give me the names of any other schools. I would have been about 4, only going to kindergarten and ballet lessons. I was only looking up pictures of the area by complete coincidence.
    Wish we never left. Loved Longniddry.
    Best wishes to all.

  2. Hello Longniddry Primary School! I went to your school from 1973-1978. I left when I was 9 to move to England but still remember it really well. It has been really interesting looking at your web site which I stumbled across. I have not been back to Longniddry for 30 years but still remember the lolypop man on the walk to school.
    Best wishes.

  3. I was a pupil at longniddry 1943–1949, we had happy times there , Mr W. Allan was head master,Miss Campbell was our infant teacher,her family had the market gardens.
    I stayed opposite the school in John Knox Road, and was married in the church at longniddry,I also did the cubs at the school, interesting to read about you,happy memories

  4. hi longniddry went to tis school till p6 moved to cockenzie primary school but i think longnidry is much better.i am going to france with the school next year i loved the teachers in this school especially mr mack he is the best!xxxxx

  5. hi everyone in p7 and 7’s from 6/7! i lolove this school much better than longniddry! love the presidential posters i also met Desmond and JJ at the church they are so cool!our schools roof fell down now its scary going thru the main hall!and also i am their junior road saftey officer!! luv from chloe.m xxxxxxxxxx!!!

  6. I went to this school…like 2 years ago!!!! I loved it and it was great, I wish I could have stayed forever!!:) I hope everyone is having fun because I certainly did!!! I love high school to and I hope all my friends are enjoying pl!!!!
    Okay bye bye:):):):):):):):):):):)
    P.s I luv the website!
    Okay im going now bye!!

  7. its a ccccoooooooooooooollllllllllllll sssssssccccccccchhhhhhhhooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  8. i went ti this skool and it was no bad bit the teachers had to be the best hing bout it
    miss bertram i love you from carriebain!!!xxxx

  9. i love this school and aspecially the teachers they are just fabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xx

  10. hey everybody this school is incredble all the pupils and
    all the teachers (i have loads of friends here but my
    best friends are lauren turnbull and eliose morris).xx

    from brooke skinner

    i am only in
    primary five.

  11. I was a pupil from around 1979 for 4 years and I loved it; everyone felt valued and although we didn’t realise it at the time the teachers were really progressive and ahead of their time.
    i am now a teacher myself and I work in Asia. I remember being at LPS with very happy memories. Mrs McLanachan was the head and if you were unlucky enough to get into trouble she would make you really feel that you had disappointed her!
    Tim Tremmel

  12. Hi I attended your school 1944-45 also my brother and sister and I was wondering if there was any place where you can see old photos.

  13. Hi,
    I went to school at LPS 76-78 P5 and P6. I had a great time and have lovely memories, Mr. King was headmaster and he was feared but he was truly fab with me and my sister Paula, I remember Mrs. Corrie and Mrs. Quick who were my teachers and were truly awesome, and can’t forget lunch at school that is something unforgetable and the ladies that made and served were truly cool mmmmm sausage rolls, custard, steak and kidney pies, haggis, shortbread biscuits with a slice of peach and cream were my favorite. My family and I were there on my dad’s scholarship at Edinburgh University, we are from Mexico and had to come back but we missed and miss Scotland so much, I talk a lot about those 2 years down there to my kids and I’m looking forward to taking them and my husband on a trip so they see beautiful Scotland with their very own eyes, of course I will visit my old school and take lots of pics. It makes me very proud to see how LPS has grown and become a very good school. I would love to have news of the teachers I named and if by any chance anybody knows the following persons I would appreciate they gave them my email to contact them, it’s been a long time so probably the girls have changed their maiden names, here we go: Tracy Anne Halley, Judith Johnston, Fiona Sharp, Allison Clark, Scott Stevenson, Gary Noon, Jill Buchanan, Nicole Hill, Kevin & Gavin Leith, Michael Finnegan, Jonathan Melbourne. I would love it if by any chance you have photographs from those years that you could email me to vallartamaky@hotmail.com This is a looong email. I’m very proud to have gone to school at LPS. Best regards and thank you for everything.
    Maria Fuentes

  14. Hi P3!
    I hope you are all having a lovely safe and cosy snow day! I wonder how many people have built snowmen or maybe even igloos? Be sure to bring in your photos and drawings so we can all see them. Maybe a grown up can help you post your snowy news! See you soon.

  15. I attended Longniddry school late 1950’s early 60’s. Mr W Allan was headmaster, teachers were Miss Reekie, Miss Mathieson, Mrs Meikle, Miss Wallace, classmates were Janet Cochrane, June Brown, Irene Lowrie, Fiona Smith, David Scott, Alistair Beattie. Would love to hear from anyone remembering this time or were in my class or remember my brother Jim.

  16. I was a pupil at Longniddry Primary School from 1953 – 1960. One question I need to ask , is, in 1960, Mr. Allan, the headmaster, buried a time capsule beside the front door, Kitchener Crescent, to be retrieved in the year 2000, for comparision purposed. Was the time capsule ever dug up? Not many folks seem to remember this event, but I do, as does my sister!

  17. I attended longniddry primary mr Allan was head teacher mr Robertson janitor fantastic memories .

  18. Hello Longniddry Primary! I went here in the mid to late 1970’s, when Mr King and then Mrs McLanachan were the heads. After LPS I started Preston Lodge before moving away with my family. I have the happiest memories of my time here and still have a photo from our P5 Christmas party which was in the local paper at the time…and I can still name almost everyone on it! If anyone is in touch with any of the following people I would love to hear from you….Jill Buchanan, Jacky Bowers, Judith Johnson, Allison Clark, Fiona Sharp, Gavin & Malcolm Leith or anyone else from our class. My name back then was Nicki Hill. Please contact me at braidyladies@hotmail.com. Thanks, Nicki

  19. I attended the school from 1956-63. I remember saving up to help pay for the school clock.
    And of course come rain hail or shine, we had to play outdoors at playtime, no mommy coddling then!
    And the outdoor toilets.The floors were always wet, and the strong smell of dettol, , Jeyes fluid and pink bleaching powder clung in the nostrils for hours.
    We had to line up at the bottom of the steep steps, until a teacher came out and rang the bell.
    We had no foreign holidays then, just a bus trip to some nearby village. Games, most of which would be banned now, were played in some muddy field, and usually it rained. But what fun we had, streamers hanging from the bus windows, singing songs, and we came home tired, and happy.
    But let’s not forget the tawse. Wielded with such force, one girl had her arm broken!

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