Enrolment Arrangements

In November of each year an advertisement will be placed in the press, advising parents of new intake children of enrolling procedures.   At this time the school will distribute letters arranging a time for enrolment of district children through the nursery and playgroup.   Notices will also be placed in the local shops providing details of enrolment for any parents whose children do not attend a pre-school organisation.

Enrolment will normally take place during the month of December.   At this time it will simply involve the completion of an enrolment form since it is too early for any other format to be very meaningful to our new intake children.

Parents who choose to apply for a non district place for Primary 1 should make a placing request at this time.   Forms and information are available from the local school or the Department of Education and Children’s Services in Haddington.

During the months of May and June, visits will be made to the pre-school organisations by our P1 teachers.   This will be followed by a series of visits, arranged through the nursery of children due to start school in August.

In late May and June all new intake pupils and their parents will be invited into school.   By this time class lists will be finalised and the children will have the opportunity to meet their teacher and spend some time in their new classrooms.   Any parent who cannot attend at the arranged times is very welcome to make alternative arrangements.   Please telephone to arrange a mutually convenient time.


2 thoughts on “Enrolment Arrangements”

  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to enquire if you have a nursery also or is it primary only?

    If you don’t have a nursery can you please inform me which nursery most children go to who live in Longniddry? I will be moving to the area with my husband and baby early next year.

    Look forward to hearing back from you.



  2. Good Morning
    Apologies for not seeing your comment earlier.
    We do have a nursery attached to the school and children are able to start when they are 3 years old but we take applications following the child’s 2nd birthday. For further enrolment details please contact our school office on 01875 853161 or email admin@longniddry.elcschool.org.uk
    Many thanks
    Sheona Skinner
    Head teacher

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