Rights Respecting Schools

Playground Squad June 2018- Article 31

We have the Right to Play and Relax. 

Mr Lavery our Active Schools coordinator has been in training us as playground leaders. We have been learning how to lead Ultimate Frisbee!

Soccer Aid-Fundraising Event

Soccer Aid June 2018 – Designing our Obstacle Course

  • Monday 26th March 2018

Today we achieved our Silver Award. We are ambassadors for Rights Respecting Schools. We are extremely proud of all the hard work from children and staff and now begin our journey towards GOLD!

Rights Respecting Schools

The Health and Well Being group was formed in the session 2015-2016. We have evolved over the last few years and are now the Rights Respecting Group as we feel this encompasses health and wellbeing, pupil voice and the rest of our RIGHTS that are important to us.

We have representatives from all classes across the school. We meet regularly in order to drive the school forward. We focus on 3 main areas:

  • Learning ABOUT rights
  • Learning THROUGH rights
  • Learning FOR rights

Our representatives for this session 2016-2017:

  • Mrs MacFadyen (DHT)
  • P2 – Molly
  • P2/3 – Iona
  • P3 – Ethan and Milla
  • P4 – Isla and Cole
  • P5 – Lily and Pippa
  • P6 – Hannah, Christie and Harri
  • P7 – Max and Erin

Our Journey to GOLD! – January 2018

We are working towards our Silver Award: We are Rights Aware! When your in school take time to look at the steps we have taken on our journey so far.


January 2017

We have worked hard across the school to link our rights to our school’s aims. They were easily linked showing that our school works hard to endure we learn ABOUT, THROUGH and FOR our rights!

Learning THROUGH Rights

In all our classes we learn through rights in various different contexts. Here are a few:

Primary 1 developed their knowledge about article 15. The right to make friends and choose them. They made their own friendship tree. They reflect on this regularly.


Primary 1 also did a topic on ‘Marvellous Me’ where they explored their RIGHTS.

Primary 7 have been working on their topic of South Africa and have been exploring issues linked to discrimination. This has been an excellent topic to explore children’s rights.

Primary 4 have been working on their topic about animals and the environments they live in. In particular their focus has been on the environment and why we have to look after and preserve it.

ELC Youth Summit -March 2017

Two of our primary 7 pupils attended the summit and used their voice to express their ideas and opinions on how we can make education in East Lothian even better than it already is. This is an important part of learning FOR rights!

National Nurture Conference-Feb 2017

Some of our RRS reps attended the conference to share our excellent practise in using the ICE PACK throughout the school. We were commended on how we have used it to embed our well-being indicators and our children’s rights.

Our Rights Advent Calendar -December 2017

We made our own advent calendar to extend our knowledge about our rights. Each class took turns opening it and reflecting upon the right. Each class also had an interactive copy to open daily so they could discuss the rights daily!


We started our own campaign in school to help collect socks for the homeless in Edinburgh. We were supporting a boy called show from Leith Walk Primary School. We understand that everyone should have the right to shelter but this does not always happen!

During advent we collected in over 400 pairs of socks. A huge thank you for all your donations.

Wider Achievements -Article 29

During one of our Focus Friday events we shared our expertise and skills through coming to school dressed or with a prop that symbolised our wider achievement.

RESPECT ME -Anti Bullying Week

November 2017

We focused in the right to be protected from harm. It is important we feel safe and have someone to speak to if we need it. We explored how bullying behaviour can effect our well being indicators. We worked in classes and mixed groups to develop the notion:


Child Friendly School Improvement Plan

We have developed our SIP and linked the relevant articles linked to the UNCRC. We work on this in mixed age groups throughout the school and will also evaluate the plan together in order to make next steps at the end of the year.


Class Charters -August 2017

At the beginning of the term we created our own class charters. We worked collaboratively to discuss how we would respect the rights if others.

We have also created our playground and lunch hall charters through our Focus Friday events.

PUPIL VOICE Board – 2017

We developed our pupil voice board to demonstrate the power of the voice and how the children in the school can really help to make changes and influence what is happening in school. We aim for the children to be involved as much as they can in school improvement.

SHANARRI Party – June 2017

We worked really hard on informing everyone about our wellbeing indicators. Through SHANARRI Fridays we explored each wellbeing indicator over the session. We linked the UNCRC to each session and understand how by having access to your rights you can achieve good health and wellbeing.

At the end we had a SHANARRI party where everyone was INCLUDED. We took part in 8 fun games and activities which were all about promoting inclusion.


Each month we would add on our new learning about the wellbeing indicators to our SHANARRI train.

UNICEF – Day of Change (May 2017)

We celebrated the day of change by focusing on the right of nutrition and the importance of a good healthy diet. We explored and investigated famine around the world and understand that people are still fighting for their basic human rights. We investigated certain parts of the world and looked where these needs were and were not being met. We raised awareness of this plight all around the school.

The children decided to have a healthy tuck shop, change teacher for part of the day, change day into night and come dressed in their PJs. Not only did we raise awareness but we also raised over £300 for the nutrition charity linked to UNICEF. Well done everyone!

Water Aid – March 2017

Primary 1/2 have been exploring the  topic of water and decided to take on the water aid challenge. They set up the pipeline challenge in the playground for each class to participate in. Not only was this tricky but we had to work together as we realised how difficult it can be to transport water from one location to another.

P1/2 also organised Water Aid workshops for the whole school to participate in. This was a great opportunity to learn about our basic human rights and how we can fight for other peoples rights throughout the world and how we can support them.

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  1. It’s fantastic that we have achieved our silver award! Now that the holidays are over, we can continue to earn our gold award! ?

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