Live from Ardmay: Part Three

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Today at Ardmay House….. half the boys got up at 6.15 am AGAIN!!! Unlike the girls who seem to be able to sleep forever! The groups were out doing different activities, similar to yesterday. One P7 who went rock climbing and abseiling said, ‘ Climbing up the rocks made us feel like we were spiders!’ Another P7 who did a whole day hill walk said, ‘We slide down mud tracks and had a big snowball fight! The mountain gives you the most amazing views!’ One tired P7 said’ Yawn! When we were problem solving today we learned how to work as a team. My favourite part was swinging onto the crates and stay on them!’ Miss Hutcheson said ‘I loved every minute of it. I loved weaseling (including the little robin that followed us through) and abseiling!’ This evening for dinner we had soup and battered haddock. In the evening we went to the beach to hunt for things and did environmental work. At supper time we had chocolate crispies made by our talented P7 chefs!’ We are looking forward to our final full day tomorrow even though we are all getting tired!

Live from Ardmay: Part Two

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Today we were all up bright and early…well the boys were at 6.15am! Yes mums 6.15am! No excuses for long lies now! We had our first breakfast at Ardmay. It was lush! We split into our groups. Some people went hill walking all day and they found snow at the top for a snowball fight! Another two groups went weaseling (it was a tight squeeze in the caves!) and then either problem solving or canoeing. Another group were rock climbing, abseiling and they were problem solving too. One P7 said ‘ The abseiling was freaky at the top but once you got down you wanted to do it again!’ One brave weaseler said, ‘ I managed to do all the weaseling holes and I was very proud!’ This evening we had a dynamite dinner of mac ‘n’ cheese or spag bol with sticky toffee pudding! We went outside and did a scavengar hunt and played some running games! We are now chilling out playing games before bed time (yeah right!) Sleep tight don’t let the tick bugs bite!!!!

Adam, Euan R, Rebecca, Fin (And Miss B!)

Live from Ardmay

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Today P7 arrived at awesome Ardmay House! After our 2 and a half hour journey it finally paid off! When we got here we met the other school who are sharing the house – they are from Baldernock Primary School. After a lunch of scrumptious pizza we packed up our day rucksacks and headed off into the hills for a two hour forest walk! All the groups went along different paths and found some interesting things along the way! We got back to a delicious dinner of brilliant bangers and mash! This evening we did a fire drill, made labels, wrote our diaries and made our beds. At the moment the others are watching a DVD while we write this post. The highlight of the day has been a football match against the other school which we won 17-5! I wonder if we will go to sleep tonight for our teachers???????

Paul, Anna, Brodie and our new friend Sophie! (And Miss B!)

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Singing Stars


On Wednesday 21st March Longniddry school gym hall became a recording studio for the day! All the pupils (and staff!) recorded some songs for a Longniddry Primary School CD! The CD will be available to buy very soon at a cost of £8. £1 of the cost will go to our Link School – Oranje Diamant and £1 to school funds. We are sure you will really enjoy the CD! We certainly enjoyed making it!


Primary Four Castle Visit

Last Monday Primary Four visited Edinburgh Castle. One P4 said ‘It was really good. We got to see the Crown Jewels and the Mons Meg for knocking down castles. We saw statues and went on the drawbridge. We saw ditches that never had water in them. The most exciting bit was the main hall because it had weapons and knights things!’ It sounds like they had a great time!