Day Four in France

We’ve had another fantastic day here. We had a day out to visit WW1 battle sites and memorials around Albert, including Beaumont Hamel, Mansell Copse, the Lochnigar Crater and Thiepval memorial. The children used their class learning to find out more about the trenches and tactics used at these locations. We were so proud when a number of members of the public complemented the groups on their respectful behaviour at these sites. Finally tonight we enjoyed a meal of frogs legs and snails! You’ll be surprised to know that they were devoured!! Lastly we enjoyed a brilliant disco! We are now getting all packed up, looking for lost socks and getting treasured souvenirs stowed away. We look forward to seeing mums and dads tomorrow night! We’ll try to keep you updated on our progress, via the web and texts. Bon nuit!

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Day Three in France

Bon soir! We’ve had another excellent (although rainy) day here in Normandy. We began with a super breakfast of croissants! Yum! After this we made our way to Rouen for a tour of the beautiful city. We visited the Notre Damme cathedral and heard lots about its history. Then we visited the old streets and an ossuary (which is a gruesome place where plague victims were buried). Then we visited the shops! The girls found a Sephora and the boys found the sweet shop! I think over 10kg of sweets were bought and consumed! We then visited a church dedicated to the patron saint of France, Joan of Arc. Finally when we got back to the centre we enjoyed a few rounds of Archery! We’ve another tasty meal to look forward to tonight and some games later. Tomorrow we are visiting the WW1 battle sites around Albert.

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Day Two in France

We’ve had an excellent day today! We started with our first traditional French breakfast; hot chocolate in bowls and LOTS of bread! After, we headed out to Dieppe. We enjoyed a guided tour of the city hearing about its history during WW2. Then there was the chance to go shopping! Postcards, stamps and souvenirs were bought, and all the children impressed us using their French language!

We stopped for a morning snack in a crepperie! Many crepes were consumed and everyone gave it a big thumbs up! Next we visited the beach at Dieppe before heading to the Neufchatel cheese farm. Here the owner talked to us ONLY in French and we managed to learn about the process of making cheese. We bought loads to take home as presents!

This evening we will enjoy another 4 course evening meal and some fun sports games and activities. We hope tomorrows trip to Rouen will be just as much fun!

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Day One in France

We’ve had a fantastic first day here in France. After an early start we made our way to the Euro Tunnel and a very exciting journey. Soon after we enjoyed a trip around the Nausicaa. It is an amazing sea life centre. We saw penguins, sea lions, sharks, rays, an octopus and many varieties of fish.

We then made our way to the chateaux where we have enjoyed a delicious four course meal. Finally we played a trail of mystery game with our instructor.

Everyone is getting tucked into bed and looking forward to an early night (so the teachers hope) before a busy day tomorrow!

Success at Meadowbank

This year our fantastic P6 and P7 pupils performed amazingly well at Meadowbank! We placed highly in a number of events and in the middle schools competition we came an impressive SECOND place! Well done to all our amazing competitors, pupil supporters and parent supporters too.

Euan Scott – 1st 80m and 1st long jump
Emma Lessels – 3rd 600m and 3rd long jump
Gregor Walkinshaw – 1st high jump
Joanne Welch – 2nd high jump
Gregor Thomson – 4th cricketball
P7 boys relay team – 4th place

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Toucan Tuesday!

Today pupils took part in Toucan Tuesday; a project to support the East Lothian Foodbank. Everyone was asked to bring in two cans to help those in our community who don’t have enought to eat. The pupils brought in a huge assortment of cans and P7 took an incredible 385 cans to the foodbank. This was weighed and it came to 163.1kg! What an achievement!

At the Foodbank P7 helped to sort out donations by checking that the foods were in date, sorting similar types of foods into boxes and putting the food onto shelves so the staff could make foodbank parcels.

Donations are still coming in and we will update you with a final total in the very near future!

Thank you to everyone who brought their cans today – your donations are very much appreciated. And a huge well done to P7 for planning and organising such a briliant event!

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Toucan Tuesday – 29th October 2013

We are announcing that P7 of Longniddry Primary School will proudly be the first ever school  to hold Toucan Tuesday on the 29th of October.

Toucan or Twocan Tuesday is to help the foodbank in East Lothian and help struggling families to get the emergency food supplies.

We are asking familes in Longniddry to donate two cans to our appeal. Some examples of products we require are:

carrots, peas, sprouts, sweetcorn, beans, peaches, pineapple and any other canned fruit and veg.

The foodbank also accepts foods with a long shelf life and toiletteries.



P7’s journey home

Our day began with a very successful trip to the market at Eu. Expect cheeses, novelty sunglasses and jewellery galore!

We have just enjoyed a wee ‘pit stop’ at the Peterborough services before beginning the next leg of our journey! We’ll keep you updated on our progress and possible arrival time. See you soon!