Summer Menu

The summer menu will be available in the dining room from Tuesday 16th April 2013.  The children will be bringing home a copy in their school bags this week and they will be displayed around the school.

Well Done P6

Well done to Primary 6 (and Miss Hart, Miss Bertram and Mrs Binmore) on surviving the Kingswood experience! I am really proud of you all for overcoming personal challenges, having fun (despite the weather) and representing the school so well.  We look forward to hearing all about it.  Sleep well.

More Kingswood News

Everyone was out like a light last night following a fun packed day of activities.

Last nights entertainment was a Murder Mystery and Miss Hart reports that there are BAFTA’s in the post for Matthew B, Alexander, Catherine and the staff who were the cast of suspects.  The activities today include the 3g swing, zip wire and quad bikes followed by the disco tonight.

Day 1 at Kingswood

Everyone has attempted (and survived) the leap of faith, jungle vines and team assault course challenge today at camp.  Miss Hart reports lots of smiles and lots of determination being shown by everyone.  It continues to snow but it is not stopping the activities or the fun.  They are off on a trail of mystery tonight after tea!

Morning Update

The news from Kingswood is that everyone survived the night……..even the teachers!  A few sleepy heads this morning but everyone is well and happy.

Everyone had healthy appetites at tea time last night and Miss Hart reports that 2nd’s and 3rd’s were had by a number of children! Last night the activity was a Scrapheap Challenge. It has been snowing through the night so it is a ‘winter wonderland’ today.  After breakfast the groups are off to do the ‘leap of faith’ and ‘jungle vines’ activities.

More updates later.