In June this year, East Lothian Council, in partnership with Lothian and Borders Police, will be hosting a series of Internet safety and responsible use training sessions for parents with pupils in P5 – S6 across the county.  This is in response to growing concerns, expressed by individual parents and parent councils, about how to make sure young people use the internet safely and responsibly. The sessions are also designed to show parents how they can protect their youngsters from on-line dangers.

The training sessions will be led by Ollie Bray (Depute Head at Musselburgh Grammar School) and PC David Gunn from Lothian and Borders Police. Both Mr Bray and Mr Gunn are accredited Ambassadors of the Child Exploitation Online Protection Agency (CEOP).

The training session has already been piloted within the Musselburgh Cluster and received positive response from over 200 parents. The content of the evening includes background information on new technologies and information about computers and mobile phones and the law. But the main part of the presentation involves Mr Bray taking the parents into some ‘real’ social networking spaces that young people use. This includes Habba Hotel, Teenspot, MSN Instant Messenger and Bebo. The session also gives advice on how you can protect your home computer and advice on on-line gaming.

Everybody who attends the training will have access to a comprehensive on-line handout.

The sessions will be held at:

  • Preston Lodge High- 3 June 2008
  • Ross High – 10 June 2008
  • Dunbar Grammar – 11 June 2008
  • Knox Academy – 18 June 2008
  • North Berwick High – 24 June 2008

All training sessions will take place between 7 – 9pm.

Ollie Bray, Depute Head at Musselburgh Grammar School, says:

‘This is a very exciting time for East Lothian to be leading the way in Internet Training for staff, parents, families and pupils.  We are going to use the feedback we gain from these sessions to inform good practice nationally through the Scottish Learning Festival.’

These evenings will start promptly at 7pm and have a limited availability. If you have any queries or you would like to book a place on one of these sessions, please email Tess Watson, (Acting Education Support Officer) at twatson@eastlothian.gov.uk or log onto http:www.edubuzz.org/blogs/internetsafety

Meadowbank 2008

Today we went to Meadowbank and out of 16 schools we came 6th!! It was a rainy day but it didn’t dampen our spirits and all of our competitors performed amazingly!



 Some of the results are below;

2nd place P7 Girls High Jump – Marisa (jumping 1m20cm)

4th place P6 Boys High Jump – Reece (jumping 1m 6cm)

3rd place P7 Girls Cricket Ball – Jennifer

3rd place P7 Boys Cricket Ball – Dale

3rd place P6 Boys Long Jump – Jamie C

1st place P7 Boys 150m – Christopher B

1st place P6 boys 150m – Jaimie P

4th place P6 Boys 80m – Sam

1st place P7 girls 80m – Marisa

4th place P6 Boys 600m – Mat D

Realy Teams:

P6 Boys, P7 Girls and P7 Boys all qualified for the finals. Our P6 boys grabbed a great victory coming in second!


In all, our competitors performed so well and Longniddry Primary is so proud of each one of them! Well done!

Kingswood Campers – The Final Chapter

tmpphpol7u4n1.jpgWow! The end of the week already! It’s passed so quickly and we’ve all had so much fun!

Today groups have done lots of amazing activities. Balance beam (really high in the air), crate stack (Liam and Logan beat the centre’s record!), Leap of Faith, Parachute games, orienteering, den building and circus skills!

tmpphpm3layv1.jpg  tmpphpnqjeyf1.jpg  tmpphpnrbssc1.jpg  tmpphp9bhrdo1.jpg

This evening we have had a disco with Italian visitors to the centre!

 Looking forward to seeing all the mums and dads tomorrow!

Bye Bye! xxx

Day Two…Kingswood campers in the diary room…


Our fantstic accomodation! 

On Sunday night we did an activity called Scrapheap Challenge. The aim was to win scrap, to keep a rubber glove filled with water from bursting when dropped. We had to do lots of silly challenges like; pretending to be a chicken laying a large square egg, singing a version of Barbie Girl, making up a short funny play about being active and finally making clothes out of paper, which were then shown on a catwalk! The group leaders then tested all the scrap glove protectors, which we made from all the scrap we won. If the glove didn’t burst the leaders poured it over themselves!

tmpphpnu6jw61.jpg    tmpphp23mpzz1.jpg  tmpphpfmylyr1.jpg  tmpphpktp2na1.jpg 

The efforts of our children to win scrap from Scrapheap Challenge! 

Yesterday we woke bright and early (the girls at 6.00am!!!!) after a good nights sleep. We had lots of activities to do including; climbing, fencing, problem solving, circus skills, archery, abseiling, Jacobs Ladder, zip wire, aeroball and mission possible.

tmpphp4ivssn1.jpg  tmpphpxodnch1.jpg  tmpphpqw2glg1.jpg  tmpphpp2ezrr1.jpg  tmpphpjhbuit1.jpg

Lots of brilliant children achieving success in all they do! Abseiling, zipwire, Jacob’s Ladder and problem solving. 

‘I enjoyed doing the fencing because it was a good sport and good fun.’ Mollie

‘I like doing the Archery because it was challenging but fun!’ Michael H

‘Jacob’s Ladder was mental! It was really hard but really fun too.’ Jake H

‘ I like the problem solving as it was funny when people fell off the tyres we were using! It was good to work as a team.’ Ailsa

‘ The whole day was fun! I enjoyed Jacob’s Ladder the best because it was high!’ Cameron B

‘I enjoyed everything today. My favourite was probably Jacob’s Ladder. It was fun!’ Sarah

‘ I enjoyed fencing today as you got to wear clothes and masks.’ Anna

‘ My favourite thing was pizza for tea. It was chewy and crunchy at the same time. YUM!’ Craig

Last night we played Hot Spots (a bit like giant twister). Everyone joined in and we played lots of games on it. It was great fun!

Finally it was time for bed…………………………. Z z z z z z z z z z z z z

(Some children even ASKED to go to bed!!! Everyone asleep by 10pm – teachers too!!!)

By Michael H and Ailsa (and Miss B) xxx

Green Flag Award

Well done Longniddry Primary School! We have successfully gained our second Green Flag Award. Assessors came to school on Monday 18th February 2008. They talked to our Eco Committee, Fruit Shop committee and many classes.

Primary Four explain what we had to do to become an Eco-School:

‘To earn the Green Flag we had to tidy up the playground.’

‘We needed to recycle plastic bottles and plastic bags.’

‘Getting the Green Flag is good! We showed we were an Eco-School and had to ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.’

‘We recycled paper and try not to print lots of copies.’

A big well done to all pupils, parents and staff who contributed to our success! Fantastic!