Primary Six Innerwick Adventure!

Last week primary six pupils spent an ‘awesome’ two nights in Innerwick at camp to help them work towards the Discovery Level of their John Muir Award (more about this on class web pages).

 While on camp the children:

went boating at West Barns;

p9040090.JPG   p9050044.JPG

explored John Muirs Birthplace in Dunbar;


carried out conservation in Binning Wood;

p9050062.JPG  p9030046.JPG

went on a nature walk and gorge walk in Woodhall Dean;

p9030036.JPG  p9030026.JPG

visited Cove harbour to carry out art and drama work;


and went on a spooky night walk! 

All the activities were great fun and the children had a great time carrying them out! Well done primary six!


Meadowbank Sports Day

Primary six and seven pupils spent a wet and cold morning at Meadowbank for the Inter Schools Sports yesterday (Wednesday 30th May). The competition was tough but all our pupils were very successful in their individual and team events, with many getting through the heats and into the finals of events!


Many of our participants also achieved personal bests! Our relay teams were very successful with two teams making it to the finals! The P6 girls were placed 5th overall in the relay event and the P7 boys placed 6th in the finals!

p7-boys-team.JPG  p6-girls-team.JPG

Our school supporters were fantastic and really helped to cheer the teams on! Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to the parents who were able to come and support! It was much appreciated!


Primary One and Two News

Minibeast Assembly


Many thanks to all of you who managed to come to see our assembly and have a look around our area.  The children were delighted to have you and we hope they made you proud. 


If you missed out (or were unable to see from your vantage point in the hall!!) please have a look at some photographs of the work we have been doing of late.


 large-spiral.JPG grass-spiral.JPG daisy-spiral.JPG 

We worked in groups to:


·        research minibeasts using books and laptops

·        create minibeasts by arranging colourful gym equipment.

·        investigate spirals and natural materials

·        solve number problems



 group-research-3.JPG group-research-2.JPG group-research.JPG


Café money


As you know, the children had compiled a list of three possible charities to donate the café money to.  When we voted, the results were so close that we have decided to split the money equally between Oranje Diamant, our link school in South Africa, The Sick Kids and Oxfam (for safe water).  Each will receive around £50. 


Once again, many thanks for your support.

Fun family orienteering – Great Success!

As part of Health Week we organised some Fun Family Orienteering.  The course took

competitiors around the school grounds – sometimes just finding the marker other times

having to take part in an ‘active challenge’


The Bryden Family and friends loved the hockey challenge.


Making a health ‘rap’ got people moving and thinking!


Mr Duffy and his son showed great skill at the javelin challenge


Even the staff got involved – Mr Harper, Mrs McLanachan and Miss Bertram were very keen on the star jump challenge!


A big ‘thank you’ to the 60 people who came along and supported the event – it was

definitely fun and very active!  Well done to Ali Dryer, our Active Primary School Co-ordinator

for organising the event – hope to see you at it next year.

Twinning Celebrations

Today was the official twinning of the Prestonpans cluster with Barga in Tuscany. We had an early start and an absolutely amazing day!

Hope youve logged on to to see the fantastic photos of our day.

Heres a flavour of our day.

I thought today was amaazing. I really enjoyed walking along with the banners and the feeling was amazing when we sang. Becca

As we walked up the streets we thought our arms were going to fall off because of the banners weight. After the parade we did the highland fling to the pipes and the drum. Also I (Anna) danced with an old Italian soldier. We did the waltz. Brogan & Anna

Today was the main day and I had a great time piping. I feel like a celebrity because of all the pictures! Caitlain

Today was really enjoyable _ getting up and full of adrenilin. It was a great feeling meeting the Mayor of Barga and John Bellany. Ross

Carrying the banners through the streets of Barga was amazing.!!! then when we danced with the guys with the accordians, it was just fab! Megan

I was so nrvous during the ceremony because I had to give the mayor and John Bellany a brochure for the Three Harbours festival. I didnt realise I had to make a speech so when I handed the brochure over I just said the first thing that came into my head! Julia

When I was watching the ceremony of the twinning I had to stand for ages but it was worth it. Louise

Hi everyone! Today we were parading through the town of Barga. It was tiring but fun. See you soon. Eilidh

Hi everyone its Isla. I was in a giant parade. It was brilliant but it was tiring. I am having a great time. My favourite part was meeting Pat OBrien and Mayor Senetti. Isla

Hi guys. We hope you saw the celebration. We enjoyed being part of it and I hope you enjoy watching it. Fraser

My favourite part of the celebration was singing and performing in front of the crowds. I hope other people liked it too. Ciaran

I enjoyed singing on th spot because everyone seemed to be silent and stop what ever they were doing just to watch us. They seemed to enjoy it very much.

After the official performance in front of the mayor and invited guests, we gathered at a very enjoyable Italian restaurant . Despite a very long wait for our food , it was worth it.

Joining us at the restaurant was a group of kind American tourists from Oregan for whom we performed a private concert. The concert turned in to a public display in the squarte for the whole of Barga. Everyone loved us! When we left Caitlins bagpipes and Rosss drums boomed through the streets of Barga as we paraded to the next square. Andrew, Gerard, Maia, Louise & Robbie.

Staff comment a very surreal but magical experience.

Our students are doing us and East Lothian proud – amazing ambassadors!

Pisa and Lucca

Hi. This is Barga calling!We visited Pisa and Luca yesterday and spent today in Barga. We marched through the town to the sound of the pipes and then entertained the old folks at Villa Pascole. We’ve done lots of impromtu concerts as well.

Todays coments are: we had rum icecream, we have taken 184 photos and it only tuesday, we sang in the amphtheter in Lucca.

We relised Lucca is not just icecream but an experience.

Really tired p.s watch for video clips and photos! bye from ciaran

Barga trip!

Hi guys,we are here in Barga! ouher thots so far  are

it hot the ice creams nice  great scenery and the rooms are very nice aswell.the shops are great.We are going to Pisa and Lucca today.To be continued…………….Tomorrow

PS Can Miss B transfer this to the other school websites? Or can you let them know to log on to ours!”  Mrs mac

P1/2 Cafe

 dscf0061_edited.JPG  dscf0077.JPG  dscf0052.JPG

Many thanks for all your baking contributions and for coming along to buy our wares.  The children really enjoyed their little stint as waiters and waitresses and did a great job.  As you could see from our displays they had been working hard to build up the teamwork and communication skills they would need to run the café successfully – and it paid off! 


We raised a fabulous £153.82 which we plan to donate to charity.  The children have suggested different recipients; The Sick Kids, Oranje Diamant School (Our South African Link School) among others.  They have also been inspired by our UNICEF Walk for Water activity and are interested in providing clean water or funding the digging of a well.  We will vote on our final list of options and let you know what we decide.