P1 – Mrs Henderson/Mrs Boog

We had a great trip to Jupiter Artland

It’s World Book Day!

We hope you are having lots of fun playing in the snow but don’t forget today is World Book Day!

Children across the country are enjoying World Book Day. There are lots of games and stories to watch on the website

Mrs Henderson was going to dress up for World book day. Can you guess who Mrs Henderson was going to be?

Here is a clue…Her favourite colour is red!

Try some of these activities at home to celebrate World Book Day…
– Draw the character you think Mrs Henderson was going to be. Think carefully about what this character wears and what setting this character may be in!

– Draw a picture of the character you were going to be dressing up as. Add lots of detail to your character and try to draw a setting in your picture.

– Who is your favourite book character? Can you write a sentence starting with the tricky words ‘I like…’. Don’t forget your finger spacing and full stop at the end of your sentence.

– ‘Share a Story’ – Can you share a story with an adult at home? You could read them a story and then they could read you a story. Talk about the events in the story you like or don’t like.

Have fun!

Mrs Henderson and Miss Higgins

Welcome to our new Primary 1 children!

Primary 1 have had a fantastic start to school. We have all settled in well and have been enjoying spending time with our buddies. We have been practising counting forward and back and reading numerals up to 30. We have been listening to the story Charlotte’s Web, talking about our friends, making the characters for our class wall display and we enjoyed watching the show last Monday.

Monday 11th September
This week we will be…
– learning how to write the cursive letters c and o.
– talking about our families and what makes them special.
– continuing to sort and organise given objects as part of our Information Handling work in Maths.
– finishing our torn and cut paper faces for our wall display in Art.

Literacy Week in Primary 1 – Week beginning 27th February

We have had an amazing week in P1. We have enjoyed author visits, written magical stories, enjoyed listening to the story ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ and then reading instructions about how to make a moving Crocodile!! We loved dressing up as our favourite book characters and going on a character hunt with P7 around the school grounds. P7 enjoyed reading our magic stories and told us what they liked about them…thank you Primary 7!

Literacy Week on PhotoPeach

Week beginning Monday 20th February

Thank you so much to all our helpers for coming in and helping the children to make shortbread. The children loved taking part in this activity and it would not have been possible without all your help so thank you very much. We hope you enjoyed tasting their lovely shortbread at our open morning.

Thank you also to all those that were able to join us on Friday morning for our Assembly and Open morning. The boys and girls worked so hard to learn their parts for our Assembly and we are very proud of how well they did. We hope you enjoyed looking round the classroom and talking to your children about the work they have been doing in class. It is so lovely for us to watch the children so confidently sharing their learning with others and we really appreciate all your positive feedback.

P1 Scottish Assembly and Open Morning on PhotoPeach

Burns Day in P1 and P1/2
P1 and P1/2 enjoyed wearing tartan to school today to celebrate Robert Burns Day. We learnt a Scottish song about Bananas! Made paper plate Nessies, designed our own tartan, used our weaving skills to create a paper Scottie Dog and even listened to a story in Scots language. A great day for all!
Robert Burns Day in P1 and P1/2 on PhotoPeach

Primary 7 gave us the best Christmas party ever!
We had a fantastic time with our buddies at our Christmas Party today. Primary 7 planned it all! We danced, played pass the parcel, played the corners game, pinned the nose on Olaf and Santa even popped in to see us and bring us a present. Amazing! Thank you Primary 7!

Christmas Party with our buddies on PhotoPeach

Christmas Party with our buddies on PhotoPeach

Christmas LunchChristmas Party with our buddies on PhotoPeach

We enjoyed our Christmas lunch in the dinner hall today. Miss Skinner and Mrs Mitchell served us our turkey or macaroni. We pulled Crackers, laughed at our jokes, wore our paper hats and then enjoyed a Christmas tree choc-ice for pudding…yum!

Christmas Lunch on PhotoPeach

Week Beginning Tuesday 25th October
This week we will be…
– enjoying Gym with Ms Hume on Thursday.
– talking about People Who Help Us in school.
– learning about ‘Shape’ in Maths.
– welcoming Miss Rodger, a student teacher, who will be with us until the end of November.

Don’t forget to return your child’s Christmas card design by Monday 31st October once you have placed your order online.

Thank you to all those parents, carers and grandparents who attended our Open Morning. The children enjoyed sharing their learning with everyone and we appreciate all your positive comments. Thank You.

We enjoyed an afternoon with our buddies at the end of term. Here are some photos from our ‘Buddy Challenge’ afternoon.
Buddy Challenge on PhotoPeach

Week beginning Monday 3rd October
This week we will be…
– Focusing on the sense ‘smell’.
– Learning how to write ‘d’.
– Adding 2 collections in numeracy.
– Making Christmas cards on Friday!!

We have had a terrific tasting week as part of our Senses topic. The children handled, chopped and tasted different fruits. We then chose our favourite fruit to create our own fruit kebab…yum!

Taste! on PhotoPeach

Week Beginning Monday 26th September
This week we will be…
– Writing our class charter.
– Focusing on our Sense of taste…Mrs Henderson’s favourite sense!!
– Learning to read the tricky word ‘he’.
– measuring the length of objects using cubes.

We have had an amazing week…writing about what we like to watch or look at, drawing pictures of our eyes, going outside on a colour and shape hunt and playing in our ‘Opticians’ shop!

Week Beginning Tuesday 20th September
This week we will be…
– Focusing on our sense of touch as part of our Senses topic.
– Learning to read the tricky word ‘one’.
– Bringing home a school library book to share and enjoy at home.

An Amazing start to Primary 1 2016

Primary 1 have made a fantastic start to their school journey. We have enjoyed a judo taster session, had fun playing with our buddies and been working hard in Literacy. Here are some photos of our first few weeks at school!

Judo Taster Session on PhotoPeach
Time to play! on PhotoPeach
Phonics and Writing in Primary 1 on PhotoPeach

Week beginning 21st March
This week we are…
– Learning about ‘The Easter Story’.
– Doing Easter crafts.
– Using our weighing skills in Maths to weigh out the ingredients to make Chocolate
Easter Nests. Yum!
– Enjoying Music with Our school Music teacher on Wednesday.
– Drawing tulips in Art.

Our visit to The Victorian Classroom
The Victorian Classroom on PhotoPeach

We enjoyed a fantastic visit to the Victorian Classroom as part of our Homes In the Past topic. We got to dress up in Victorian clothes and then experienced what it was like in a Victorian Classroom. We wrote on slates, practised our arithmetic and sat in rows! We could only speak when we lifted our right hand! Afterwards we learnt about some artefacts from Victorian homes.

The Gruffalo visits Longniddry!

Measure on PhotoPeach

Primary 1 and 2 got a huge surprise today after playtime. There were giant footprints on our classroom carpet, the Gruffalo had visited our classroom! We measured his footprints and found out they were 20 cubes or 40 centimetres long. We then measured the length of our own feet using cubes. The Primary 2’s measured their feet in centimetres. We found out that two of Ruairidh’s feet were the same size as the Graffalo’s! Super measuring P1/2, well done!

Primary 2 and Primary 3 had great fun at their Christmas party yesterday. They made some sparkly party hats and all looked fantastic in their party outfits. They enjoyed playing games, dancing, having a party snack and best of all having a visit from Santa! We hope that they all have a great Christmas and that Santa visits them all on Christmas Eve!

P2 and P3 Christmas party Dec 2015 on PhotoPeach

Ralph the Reindeer December 2015
A huge well done to all the boys and girls in P2 and P3 for putting on a fantastic show yesterday. The boys and girls have worked so hard over the last few weeks to learn lines and songs and they definitely pulled off a super concert last night. We are all very proud of them all. Thank you also to all the parents who helped the children at home to learn lines and provided them with such amazing costumes. I am sure you will all agree they looked fantastic. We hope you all enjoyed the show.

P2 and P3 Christmas Concert ‘Ralph the Reindeer’ on PhotoPeach

Week beginning 30th November
This week in P1/2 we are…
– Continuing to practise our Christmas show.
– Visiting the bookshop in school on Wednesday.
– Enjoying opening our giant class advent calendar!

Week beginning 23rd November
This week in P1/2 we are…
– Spending time in the hall practising our Christmas Show.
– Enjoying book week and making our own Minion bookmarks.
– Practising writing x and z in cursive script.

Week Beginning 16th November
This week in P1/2 we are…
– Learning our songs for our Christmas show.
– Continuing to practise the days of the week and months of the year in Maths.
– learning how to read and write ‘ck’ words. (P2)
– learning how to read and make ‘oo’ words or words with initial blends. (P1)
– painting and adding more ‘sparkle’ to our clay divas in RME/Art.

Open Morning – Friday 13th November
Thank you to all the mums, dads, gran and grandads who attended our class open morning. The children loved sharing their learning with you all and enjoyed being tour guides around the classroom and area.

For those parents who were unable to make it here is a slideshow of our learning in November so far! We enjoyed learning about the sun, moon and stars at Dynamic Earth, have been making amazing clay divas for Diwali and are focusing on fluency and expression in Reading.

November in P1/2 on PhotoPeach
Week Beginning Monday 9th November
This week in P1/2 we will be…
– learning the days of the week and Months of the Year.
– continuing to learn about the festival Diwali.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our class Open Morning 9-9.30 on Friday.

Week Beginning Monday 28th September
This week in Primary 1/2 we will be…
– listening to the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’
– learning how to write ‘a’ and ‘e’. (P1)
– reading and writing ‘qu’ words. (P2)
– learning about 3D shape.
– using the ‘beebots’ in technology!

Thank you to those who have already sent in junk for our model making table. Please keep sending in any empty, clean cardboard or plastic boxes or cardboard tubes. Thank you!

Week Beginning Tuesday 22nd September
This week in Primary 1/2 we will be…
– Reading and writing ‘ng’ words. (P2)
– continuing to learn about 2D and 3D shape.
– designing Christmas cards!!

Please send in any clean junk for us to use at our model making table. Thank you.

An Amazing Start to P1/2! on PhotoPeach

P1/2 have had an amazing start to the year! We are enjoying working with our buddies, we have been practising our cursive letter patterns, we are enjoying playing with each other during structured play periods and we have been working hard in the gym hall. Well done P1/2!

Judy Murray Visited Primary 1! on PhotoPeach

Judy Murray came to Longniddry Primary School today. She helped us with our tennis skills but had to dash off to dance with Anton for Strictly Come dancing!

Our Village Walk on PhotoPeach

We had a fantastic walk around the village this morning, practising our Road Safety and delivering the letters we had written to some of the ‘People Who Help Us’ in the Village, inviting them to come into P1 to tell us about their job. We rested our legs at the library where Ann read us a story and Bruce in the Co-op even let us taste some of his delicious biscuits! A great trip, well done P1 you were amazing!

Primary 1 had lots of fun for Halloween – Look at our amazing costumes!

P1 Halloween Fun on PhotoPeach

Pirates come to Longniddry!

After watching Treasure Island we made our own pirate ships with junk then set them off to sail!
Pirate Ship Building! on PhotoPeach

We are amazing at Writing!

As part of our Senses topic we wrote stories today about what we like to see or watch. We also learnt to recognise and write ‘d’ and we went outside and made ‘d’s’ with stones, leaves and sticks.

We are brilliant at Writing! on PhotoPeach

Bee bot Challenge!

Primary 1 used the robot bee bots to collect the parts of Mr Potato Head. They worked in pairs to program the bee bot to collect the different senses for Mr Potato head then draw them onto their picture.

Beebot Challenge! on PhotoPeach

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  3. Sylvie is very excited about the Christmas show! She loves Donkey Plodding (so does Mummy!) and can’t wait to sing all the songs to the parents and families next week.

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