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Snow days March 2018

Hello boys and girls. I hope you are all enjoying the snow days!! If you are looking for some activities to do to keep you busy here’s some ideas!

Snow fun!
* Create some snow art. Mix some water and food colouring and enjoy being creative by painting the snow! Take some pictures of your wonderful creations and email them to me! ?
* Build a snowman ⛄️. Email me a picture and we can have a best snowman competition once we are back to school.
* Estimate and measure the snow. Pick different spots in your garden and estimate and measure how deep the snow is in cm. Record how deep it is in cm. I wonder who has the most snow? Mrs MacIntyre measured 28cm in her garden this morning ??
* Collect some snow in a bucket and enjoy watching it melt throughout the day. Time how long it takes to melt and measure how much water there is in your bucket once it has all melted (in ml)

Other activities
* Its snowing outside and it’s world book day today so choose your favourite book and enjoying cuddling up on the sofa and reading it with an adult or sibling at home ?
* play stop the clock game on top marks website that we were playing in class last week. Record your quickest time.
* Choose a Maths/Numeracy activity to do from your homework grid.
* Use the Internet to find out more about Viking longhouses ahead of building our our own model longhouses next week.
* Write a diary entry about your snow day – what fun things have you been up to? Remember to write in the past tense and talk about your feelings.

Have fun in the snow and I’m looking forward to hearing all about your snowy adventures hopefully tomorrow! ⛄️?

Mrs MacIntyre

Welcome to Term 3.
Week Beginning 18 April

P3 have had an active start to the new term this week by trying hard to improve their individual performances in the Daily Mile each day. In PE we have been developing our gymnastics work by creating our own individual sequences. We tried to include balances and rolls as well as interesting ways of travelling in our sequences.

In Art this week we were focussing on close observational skills as well as creative use of line in our drawings and paintings. We worked on Tuesday with Mrs Boog to draw detailed pictures of spring flowers. Later in the week we created very interesting paintings when we looked only at a tiny detail of a flower. Our pictures were like ‘an insect’s eye view’.

In maths we have been working with money once again as we practise calculating change. When you are out and about encourage your child to add up amounts and practise counting using coins. Have fun!

Please be aware reading groups have been rearranged and as a result your child may be reading on different days. Check reading diaries for details.

We welcomed into the class this week our Scotland Reads volunteers Yvonne and Sally who will be working with individuals this term. If you are interested in becoming a Scotland Reads volunteer please contact us in school. It is a lovely way to get involved in the learning of our youngsters.





A warm welcome to the new school session and it is fantastic to be back at P3 stage. The children have been working well over the past few days and are getting back into the routines of school.
We have been busy and just some of the activities we have been involved with are:
*Learning to create portraits in the style of Picasso
*Listening to stories about Edinburgh cat, Maisie!
*Listening and discussing the story The Jungle Book
*Singing welcome songs and songs to learn the alphabet and the days.
*Discussing perseverance and what this means in school.
*Writing personal stories about ourselves.
*Playing lots of number games.
*Creating harvest pictures using wax resist technique.

There will be no formal homework until after the September weekend holiday. If you are looking for things to do, try an alphabet quiz.
What letter comes after ….?
What letter comes before …..?
Try the same types of questions about days of the week and months of the year.
Revisit some old board games and enjoy the outdoors while we still have some reasonably good weather and some light at nights.
I look forward to seeing you at our Back To School Evening on Tuesday 13 September at 6.30pm – 7.00pm and 7.00-7.30pm.

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  1. I really enjoyed my visit to P2/3 on Friday. You’ve all been working very hard on your Ancient Greeks project. Well done.

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