P1/2 – Miss Anderson

Week beginning Monday 6th March 2017
P1/2 have had a busy week being scientists! We had great fun when Generation science came in to do a workshop with the class called ‘Let’s get fizzy!’, we have been learning about the water cycle an exploring puddles and talking about evaporation. We also made rain clouds in a jar, explored melting and freezing by rescuing animals from ice and using frozen paint to create a water picture!

Let’s Get Fizzy! on PhotoPeach

Water experiments on PhotoPeach

In Maths we have been learning the names and properties of 2D shapes. We have been making 2D shape pictures and making 2D shapes with lollipop sticks while talking to our partner about how many edges and vertices the shapes have.

2D shape on PhotoPeach

Week beginning 27th February
It has been a very exciting and very busy literacy week in P1/2. We have visited the library to meet Mrs Mash the Storytelling Cook, worked with P4 to create characters and story settings, written amazing science fiction stories, been for a character hunt round the playground, met the author of the Badger and the Mystical Mutt stories, dressed up as our favourite book characters for world book day and shared our stories with P4. Well done P1/2 on working so hard this week.

Literacy week Feb/March 2017 on PhotoPeach

Literacy Week Feb/March 2017 on PhotoPeach

Week beginning Monday 20th February

Thank you so much to all our helpers for coming in and helping the children to make shortbread. The children have loved this activity and it would not have been possible without all your help so thank you very much. We hope you enjoyed tasting their lovely shortbread at our open morning.

Thank you also to all those that were able to join us on Friday morning for our Assembly and Open morning. The boys and girls have worked so hard to learn their parts in Scots for our Assembly and we are very proud of how well they did. We hope you enjoyed looking round the classroom and talking to your children about the work they have been doing in class. It is so lovely for us to watch the children so confidently sharing their learning with others and we really appreciate all your positive feedback.

P1/2 Scottish Assembly and Open Morning on PhotoPeach

Next week is Literacy week and we have a very busy week planned including a visit to the library, an author visit, working with P4 to create characters and settings for an imaginative story, a performance of ‘ Badger the mystical mutt’ and an outside character hunt! Remember children are invited to dress up on Thursday for World book day as their favourite character from a book.

After Literacy week we will be moving on to our Science topic – ‘water’.

WB 16th and 23rd January 2017
It has been a busy couple of weeks in P1/2. We have begun our first topic of the year – Stories in Scots. The children are enjoying reading familiar stories – The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s child in English and then in Scots. We have been exploring characters and settings and using Scots words to describe them. Next week we will be creating our own characters and settings to write our own imaginative stories. We have created some lovely displays which we are looking forward to showing you at our open morning in February. The final story we are going to be reading is “what the ladybird heard” and we will be presenting it in Scots at our assembly in Feb.

We enjoyed taking part in some lovely Scots activities to celebrate Burns day. We learnt a fun Scottish song and explored different media to create some Scottish art work. We have alsoo been working hard to learn some simple Scottish dances which we will be showcasing at our class assembly!

In numeracy we have been working on developing confidence with numbers and identifying missing numbers on number lines. We are also working on our number bonds as the first steps to addition and subtraction. In Maths we have been learning about tally charts, pictograms and venn diagrams and will be moving on to shape after the holidays.

WB 28th November
Thank you so much to all the parents and grandparents who came along to our toy museum. It was lovely to see the children sharing all their wonderful work with you and we hope you enjoyed the opportunity to find out a little bit more about what we have been learning about toys in the past.

P1/2 Toy Museum December 2016 on PhotoPeach

WB 21st November
P1/2 had a great day out when we visited the Museum of Childhood and the National Museum of Scotland to learn more about toys in the past.

P1/2 Trip to the Museum November 2016 on PhotoPeach

WB 14th November
This week we have been learning more about toys in the past. We had great fun working with the P7s to make our very own cup and ball game.

Cup and ball games on PhotoPeach

WB 7th November

This week we have been learning to count items in 2 collections. Mrs MacIntyre brought in her star monsters and we enjoyed counting them.

We have also been exploring forces and looking at cause and effect. We enjoyed making predictions about how the type of surface would effect how fast the cars would go.

Week Beginning 7th November on PhotoPeach

A big thank you to all the parents who managed to come in this Friday to help us make our peg dolls. They are looking great and we are looking forward to selling them at our stall next weekend.

Week Beginning 7th November on PhotoPeach

Week beginning Monday 31st October

In p1/2 this week we have been:

In Numeracy this week we have been counting items in rows. The Triangles group have been learning about counting the jumps from a-b using their number lines to support them.

We have had a fireworks theme to our literacy this week. We have been thinking of wow words to describe fireworks and have created some super haiku poems about fireworks. In phonics P1 have been learning to write words using magnetic letters and have started writing simple sentences on white boards using our new words and tricky words. Great work! P2 are working hard on their new sounds each week and learning to read and write new words.

Expressive Arts – Art
We have been learning about Aboriginal art and dot paintings. We created beautiful fireworks pictures in the style of a dot painting. The boys and girls worked so hard and the end result was fantastic!

We had a visit from the East Lothian Youth theatre this week and had good fun exploring how to use our voices and bodies to make different objects.

We have been learning about forces and thinking about how things move. Our focus this week was on push and pull and we enjoyed playing a game on the interactive white board and sorting things depending whether we push them, pull them or sometimes can do both.

P12 WB 31st October 2016 on PhotoPeach

Week beginning Monday 24th October

This week in P1/2 we have been: –

In Numeracy we have been thinking about number structures and learning about finger patterns. We have also been counting out items and counting items in one collection. The children are all working really hard but remember any practise at home is very useful!

In Maths we are learning about Time. We have been making our own clocks and thinking about how a clock works. We are now thinking about what we do at different times of the day, gaining a better concept of what time is and learning to tell the time using analogue and digital clocks. We had good fun playing some time games on the laptops too.

We have had a Halloween theme to our literacy this week. We worked as a whole class to create a giant witches cauldron. We worked together to think of what might be inside the cauldron and added wow words to make it spooky! We then used our ideas to write our own list poem. The children all had some fantastic ideas and we had some very frightening cauldron potions! We have also been learning how to write more of letters in cursive handwriting and are starting to join them together to make words.

We have been mixing colours in art to make our own pumpkins. We had good fun adding faces to our pumpkin using black paper.

We have welcomed Miss Dixon to our class this week. Miss Dixon is a student teacher who will be working with the class until the end of November.

P12 WB 24th October on PhotoPeach

Week beginning Monday 19th September/Monday 26th September

It has been an action packed couple of weeks in P1/2. Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to.

In Numeracy we have been continuing to work on our numbers – recognising and sequencing numerals, identifying the number before and the number after and counting forwards and backwards. The children are all working really hard but remember any practise at home is very useful!

In Maths we are continuing to work on measure – measuring length using standard and non-standard units of measurement. We are now moving on to think about Time – sequencing days of the week, months and seasons of the year.

We have been thinking about jungle characters and settings and writing descriptive sentences to describe them. We are working on creating a zig zag book about a parrot. We have made very bright and colourful parrots, which stimulated our ideas for our character descriptions.

In phonics we have been continuing to learn our initial sounds and are starting to blend them together. The P2’s are working hard on their consonant blends – sh, ch and th.

Social studies
We have been thinking about living and non-living things. We went on an outdoor adventure to find examples of living and non-living things and then created posters back in the classroom.

We have also been learning about describing the weather in the different seasons and how it impacts on our daily lives. We made some fantastic seasons trees to demonstrate how the trees change throughout the year and have been working hard in groups to create posters about how the weather impacts on our lives.

WB 12th September 2016

It’s been another busy week in P1/2. In Maths and Numeracy we have been working with numbers – counting forwards and backwards and talking about number before and after. We have also been learning about measure and using standard (cm) and non-standard units (cubes) of measurement to measure length.

Measuring on PhotoPeach

In literacy we have been learning new sounds and playing lots of interactive games to help us remember them. Please remember to use the literacy ideas we gave out at the curriculum evening to help your child practise their sounds. This is very helpful as we are beginning to get to the stage of being ready to blend our sounds. To celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday we had great fun reading ‘The enormous crocodile’ and writing about and sequencing the story. We have also been working hard at our cursive handwriting – practising patterns using different media.

Fishing for sounds and show and tell! on PhotoPeach

Cursive handwriting pattern practise on PhotoPeach

As part of our topic we have been learning about the layers of the rainforest. We worked in teams to create the different layers and have been working on our own individual pictures too. Next week we will be thinking about and creating animals to add to our jungle.

We have had fun in P.E. this week learning about travelling in different ways.

A huge well done to all our Primary 1 and Primary 2 children who have settled so well and so quickly in to the class. We have had lots of fun already exploring our library, trying out judo, working on our numbers and measuring skills. We have also been learning new sounds and tricky words. The children have demonstrated a great enthusiasm for our Jungle book/Jungle project and have some great ideas about what and how we are going to learn more! Here’s a few photos to give you an idea of what we have been up to so far!

P1 First day at school photos Aug 2016 on PhotoPeach

Measuring fun September 2016 on PhotoPeach

Exploring the Library September 2016 on PhotoPeach

Literacy – loopy letters and Jungle Art on PhotoPeach

Wednesday 29th June 2016
Thank you so much for your fabulous support of our Strawberry Tea Party. Although the weather wasn’t as good as we would have liked this didn’t dampen the children’s enthusiasm and they worked so hard in each of the areas. Recipe book orders have been sent out today, so I hope you enjoy making a few of these over the Summer holidays.
We are delighted to say that we raised a huge £374.00 for our two charities – The Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home and the SSPCA. So thank you again for all of your baking and buying of artwork and recipe books.

Finally, thank you for all of your support throughout the year. I have really enjoyed teaching the class and will miss them, although they have promised to pop in on us next year.

Health Week 30th May-3rd June 2016
P2/3 have had a very busy week so far in health week. They have enjoyed scooting, dancing, circle time and thinking about healthy eating. And there is lots more to come with our Race for Life on Thursday and Friendship fun morning on Friday. We are also learning about road safety and cycle safety and substance misuse.

p2/3 Dance workshop June 2016 on PhotoPeach

We have also been thinking about keeping all our plants healthy in the time garden and remembering to give them lots of water in this lovely sunny weather!

P2/3 Planting in the Time Garden on PhotoPeach

WB 23rd May 2016
It has been a busy week in P2/3 this week learning about our Farm-Fork topic. We were very lucky on Tuesday to have a visit from Lindsay’s Granny to tell us all about her farm. We prepared some questions to ask her and loved finding out what life was like on her farm.

On Thursday we went for a visit to Tesco in Haddington for a Farm to Fork trail. It was lots of fun. The children got to explore the fruit and vegetable aisles, learn about fish and sustainability, learn about how bread and rolls are made and find out about the food journey of bananas. It was very exciting getting to go behind the scenes and we even got to go inside the big freezer!!

P2/3 Farm to Fork Trail Tesco May 2016 on PhotoPeach

WB 16th May 2016

In Numeracy just now we are learning about money and giving the correct change. The children have made some fantastic fruit and vegetable models and these are for sale in our farm shop in the area. The boys and girls are having great fun playing in the shop and using their money skills to buy things on their shopping list

This week we have been learning about what happens on the farm in different seasons and thinking about the processes that foods go through to get from farm-fork. We are excited to have Lindsay’s Granny coming in next week to talk to us about her farm and about our trips over the next couple of weeks to Luffness Farm and Tesco in Haddington. We have also been busy tidying up the Time Garden and planting lots of vegetables and plants.

Thank you to everyone for working so hard on their homework when interviewing an adult about their job. The children have confidently presented their talk to the class and have demonstrated great knowledge about the job that their interviewee does. Well done!

WB 2nd May 2016
P2/3 and P3 were very excited this week when we had a special visit from Miss Bertram to tell us all about honey bees.

P2/3 and P3 learn about Honey bees on PhotoPeach

April 2016

It is hard to believe that we are in to the final term already and it is looking likely to be another very busy one! Firstly we want to thank all those parents/carers who were able to join us for our Vikings Assembly and open morning. The children worked so hard organising for both events and loved having the opportunity to share their learning with you. We really appreciate your support.

Our new topic this term is Farm-Fork. Our topic has begun already looking at plant and animal sources of food and thinking about what foods come from different animals. The children have created their own animal and setting and will be using these to create their own imaginative story next week. We are also exploring the farming theme through 2 novel studies – The sheep-pig and Charlotte’s web. We are in the process of trying to organise some trips and will keep you posted as soon as the details have been finalised.

In Maths we have just finished our topic on shape and tiling and are now looking at expressions and equations. We will then be focusing on Money in numeracy and using this knowledge in Maths to solve money related word problems. We will be practising using money and counting change in our farm shop in the area.

HWB – A mile a day
The children have shown a great enthusiasm and commitment to running our mile a day and hopefully over the next few weeks will begin to see an improvement in their health and wellbeing and their fitness.

WB 25th January 2016

What a busy week we have had in P2 and P3 this week. On Monday we dressed in tartan to celebrate Burn’s Day and did some Scottish Country dancing in the hall – it was great fun.

Scottish Country dancing P2/3 and P3 Jan 2016 on PhotoPeach

On Tuesday we celebrated the Up Helly Aa festival. We made our own Viking longship and flaming torches and led our own procession through the school. We went to P1 and the nursery and shared everything we have been learning with them. The rest of the school will get to hear all about it when we do our Vikings assembly in March.

Up Helly Aa Festival Celebration on PhotoPeach

Today we have been writing a diary entry about the festival and the children have been using some fabulous WOW words to describe what they saw, heard, felt and smelt. Tomorrow we are going to be thinking about what the Vikings wore and making our own Viking paper dolls!

WB 11th January 2016
Happy new year to you all!! It is lovely to have all the boys and girls back to school and hear about all their exciting Christmas adventures. The children have enjoyed talking about their holidays and setting new year’s resolutions for themselves.

In Maths we have been looking at Measure (capacity) and Information handling. The children have engaged in lots of practical measuring activities with water and are getting very confident at estimating and measuring volume in ml. We have been exploring different types of data and sorting it using Venn diagrams. We have also been interpreting different data by asking and answering questions about the displays.

Sorting and Interpreting data on PhotoPeach

In P.E. we have been doing Scottish country dancing with the P3 class. We have been learning about rhythm and been doing lots of counting in 8’s. It has been great fun!

Our new topic – The Vikings is well underway and the children are showing a great enthusiasm for the topic already. We have been learning about where the Vikings came from and where they settled and have created a 3D map to help us. Next week we are going to be learning about how they travelled as we explore the Viking longboats.

In literacy we have been focusing on VCOP and thinking about how we can use interesting vocabulary, good connectives, powerful openers and punctuation in our sentences.

Primary 2 and Primary 3 had great fun at their Christmas party yesterday. They made some sparkly party hats and all looked fantastic in their party outfits. They enjoyed playing games, dancing, having a party snack and best of all having a visit from Santa! We hope that they all have a great Christmas and that Santa visits them all on Christmas Eve!

P2 and P3 Christmas party Dec 2015 on PhotoPeach

‘Ralph the Reindeer’ – Christmas Concert – December 2015
A huge well done to all the boys and girls in P2 and P3 for putting on a fantastic show yesterday. The boys and girls have worked so hard over the last few weeks to learn lines and songs and they definitely pulled off a super concert last night. We are all very proud of them all. Thank you also to all the parents who helped the children at home to learn lines and provided them with such amazing costumes. I am sure you will all agree they looked fantastic. We hope you all enjoyed the show.

P2 and P3 Christmas Concert ‘Ralph the Reindeer’ on PhotoPeach

WB 30th November
We are very busy in P2/3 this week practising for our Christmas concert next week. Thank you so much to everyone for helping the children out with costumes and learning their lines. They are going to be fantastic!

This week we have been learning about polar regions through lots of fun practical experiments. We have been learning about how animals adapt to climate in polar regions by investigating insulation. It was great fun!

Science experiment – investigating insulation on PhotoPeach

We have also been learning about melting and freezing through different experiments involving water and ice. The boys and girls had to free polar animals from ice bergs this morning and were learning about what helps to melt ice fastest. They also created beautiful polar scenes using frozen paint cubes.

Polar experiments – investigating freezing and melting on PhotoPeach

WB 23rd November 2015

The children worked hard last week to create their own musical instruments – thank you for all the junk you sent in. Today they have been working hard in groups to create a rainforest soundscape. We recorded their sounds and listened back to them and they were fantastic. Well done!

Rainforest Soundscapes on PhotoPeach

WB 16th November 2015
It has been another busy week in P2/3!
In Maths we have been learning about data handling. We have been collecting data, organising it using grouped tallies and learning how to display the data by creating a block graph. We have also been thinking about how to interpret the data and using words such as similarities and differences and frequency to talk about what we see. Next week we are going to be creating and conducting our own class survey and will be learning about how to display our results using a bar graph.

We have been working hard this week in groups to create a fantastic rainforest display in the classroom. We have been using non-fiction books and text to find information about the layers in the rainforest and the animals that live there.

Listening and Talking
A huge well done to all the boys and girls on the fantastic effort they have put in to preparing their solo talks. We have really enjoyed listening to them sharing all their information about their chosen rainforest animal and have been so impressed with the fantastic models, pictures, posters and even stuffed animals that they have created to support their talks! We will continue to hear their talks next week.

Expressive Arts/Rainforests
Thank you for all the junk materials you have sent in to class. The boys and girls have enjoyed designing and creating their own musical instruments, inspired by listening to sounds of the rainforest. Next week we will be working in small groups to create a rainforest soundscape.

Christmas Show
We have been very busy this week learning the songs for our Christmas concert. The boys and girls should have brought home a letter today regarding costumes and any lines which they have to learn at home. Any support in learning these at home is much appreciated! Next week we will be practising on the stage!

WB 9th November
Dynamic Earth
Primary 2/3 had a fantastic day out to Dynamic Earth yesterday. We enjoyed watching a show in the show dome called ‘We are all stars’. It was really good. Then we got to work in small groups in workshops all about the rainforest. We learnt about the different layers in the rainforest and what animals we might find at each layer. We also learnt about animals which are camouflage in the rainforest. Finally after lunch we got to go on a tour of Dynamic Earth. The children loved this. There were so many highlights including taking a flight to the rainforest (and getting soaked with foam!), feeling the earth shake when there was an earthquake and touching a huge iceberg! The children were all very well behaved and fantastic ambassadors for Longniddry primary school. Well done boys and girls.

Dynamic Earth Nov 2015 on PhotoPeach

WB 2nd November
What a busy week we have had in P2/3.

Much of our work this week has had a fireworks theme. The children have been learning about the history of Guy Fawkes and talking about fire safety. In Art we have been exploring and developing our paper cutting and folding skills and have created beautiful 3D fireworks collages. In Literacy we have been learning about onomatopoeia and have used what we have learnt to write some fantastic,acrostic fireworks poems. In Maths we have been using our measure skills to create fireworks out of wool and measuring flames for our rockets!! Fantastic work!

We have also begun our new topic this week – Rainforests. We have located rainforests on a map of the world and have begun learning about the 4 layers of the rainforest. We have also started keeping a weather diary where we are comparing what the weather is like in Longniddry with the weather in Brazil.

Dynamic Earth
We are very excited about extending our knowledge about climatic zones next Wednesday on our trip to Dynamic Earth. Watch this space next week for photos of our adventures.

WB 19th October 2015

Welcome back. We hope you all had a fantastic and relaxing October break!

In Maths this week we have been learning about using standard and non-standard units to measure length and area. We were using different tools in class to measure different parts of our partner’s body. Today we were using non-standard units to work out the area of our hands. Next week our Measure work will have a spooky Halloween theme!!

Maths – Measure (length and area) on PhotoPeach

Over the last few weeks the children have worked so hard creating an imaginative setting and characters for a story. Before the holidays they wrote some super imaginative stories about an adventure their Flat me went on. This week we have been practising telling our story using our setting box as a puppet theatre and the children will have the opportunity to share their stories this week.

Imaginative story puppet theatres on PhotoPeach

Flat me adventures
The children are so excited that some of their Flat me’s have returned already from their adventures. It has been lovely hearing about where they have been and what they have been up to. We will plot them on our big map in the area as they return and look forward to hearing about the next adventures!

Website update
Thursday 10th September 2015
A very warm welcome to our p2/3 webpage. We will try to keep it as up to date as possible with information and photos to show you what we have been up to in class. Please feel free to leave us some comments.

We have had a very busy start to the term and are delighted with how well the boys and girls have settled in to their new class. We have enjoyed hearing about the ‘Flat me’ adventures from over the holidays and the boys and girls are very excited that soon they will be heading off around the world! On Wednesday the Flat Me’s put their helmets on and got on their bikes to head outside with the class to watch the Tour of Britain. It was very exciting!

Tour of Britain 9th September 2015 on PhotoPeach

We are exploring Flat Stanley through many areas of the curriculum, including social studies (mapping), literacy (personal letters/imaginative stories, sequencing and comprehension tasks), Health and wellbeing (building friendships), drama and art.

In Maths we are exploring Time this term and have been doing lots of practical activities with clocks, playdough and interactive games to develop our confidence in telling the time. We even used our bodies to make a human clock today!

P2/3 Human Clock on PhotoPeach

Rail Safety Talk
On Thursday 10th September PC Jackson came into school to talk to us about rail safety. We watched a cartoon about how to be safe near railway tracks and learnt 4 rules for rail safety – never throw things on the railway line, never through things at a train, never play near the railway line and never go on the railway tracks. The boys and girls did some fantastic listening and had some super questions to ask PC Jackson. Well done.

Railway safety talk on PhotoPeach

We are looking forward to meeting you all at the curriculum evening to share our plans for the term ahead.

Mrs MacIntyre and Mrs Anderson.

WB 8th June
Maths – Measure
Over the last few weeks we have been learning to estimate and measure length, weight and capacity. We had fun today exploring the lengths of minibeasts, measuring the capacity of different containers and using balance and weighing scales to estimate and measure how heavy different items were. Any practise at home of measure activities is good fun and very helpful. There are also some great measure games on the Topmarks website for you to try at home.

Measure on PhotoPeach

WB 1st June 2015

What a busy week we have had in P2 this week. It all started with a fantastic trip to Butterfly World. We had the opportunity to see and hold some different minibeasts. Then we enjoyed a play at Vogrie Country Park. The children all had a great day out and were all very well behaved – well done!!

P2 Trip to Butterfly World June 2015 on PhotoPeach

Friday 5th June 2015
A huge well done to all the boys and girls in P2 and P2/3 for putting on a fantastic assembly – The Caterpillar Boogie for the rest of the school and parents. The costumes were amazing and the children have all worked so hard to learn their songs and words for the show. We also enjoyed dancing, playing games and drinking nectar at our Ugly Bug Ball! It was great to have the opportunity to share all of our minibeast work with you back in the classroom. A big thank you to all those who managed to come along.

P2 Minibeast Assembly and Ugly Bug Ball on PhotoPeach

P2 and P2/3 Roman Museum
27th March 2015

A huge well done to all of the children in P2 and P2/3 for putting on the most fantastic museum to showcase their Roman learning and for being the most amazing tour guides for all of our visitors. Huge thanks also to all the parents/guardians and grandparents that came along to support this event. It was fantastic to see so many people come along on Friday to find out about what the children have been learning this term about the Romans. Here is a few photos, which we think capture the museum perfectly.

Roman Museum on PhotoPeach

WB 23rd March 2015
This week we have been creating portraits of an older person who means a lot to us. This was part of a competition for Royal Voluntary Service in East Lothian. We enjoyed sharing our photos and talking about people who mean a lot to us. The boys and girls used torn paper to create a collage of their special older person and I think you will agree they look fantastic! I wonder if you recognise anyone – a Granny or Grandad perhaps?! The competition is to be judged at the end of April so we will keep you posted of any P2 winners at Longniddry.

P2 Portraits of a ‘special older person’ on PhotoPeach

March 2015
Our topic
Our Romans topic is well underway and we have had lots of fun learning about what life in Roman times was like. The children worked really hard on their collaborative poster task where they had to work as a team, using non-fiction books to create a comparative poster looking at similarities and differences in life today and in Roman times. Each group looked at a different aspect – food, entertainment, jobs, clothes and housing. They then had an opportunity to share their learning by presenting their poster to the rest of the class.
Thank you for sending in all those unwanted shoe boxes. Our Roman villas are work in progress and looking fantastic so far. The boys and girls are also working hard on creating mosaics, Roman menus, Roman diaries and lots more and we are going to be holding a Roman feast. It looks set to be a busy few weeks!
We are really excited to be holding a Roman Museum on Friday 27th March where the children will have the chance to take you on a tour of all their learning. We really hope you can join us on this day and see all the fantastic things the children have been working on throughout this topic.

Maths and Numeracy
In Maths the boys and girls have been learning about 2D shapes and tiling patterns. They have created some lovely tiling patterns of their own. This has lead nicely into making mosaic patterns as part of our Romans topic. We are now beginning to look at 3D shapes and explore their names and properties, making links with the 2D shapes we have been learning about.
In Numeracy the boys and girls are continuing to work on addition and subtraction within 10 (squares) and 20 (circles).

Health and Wellbeing
We have been learning about health and nutrition by exploring the Eat well plate. The boys and girls had good fun looking through magazines and matching different foods to the correct sections on the plate. We are also learning about how to prepare healthy foods. Last week the children learnt about using vegetable peelers and sharp knives to safely prepare carrots. They will be helping you out in the kitchen at home in no time!

P2 Preparing healthy foods on PhotoPeach

Parent Consultations
We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 31st March/Wednesday 1st April for parent consultations.

P2 update February 2015

It has been a very busy start to 2015 in P2 with lots of learning experiences and opportunities.

Our topic
We began our new topic about ‘The Romans’ in January and the boys and girls have been really enthusiastic about learning about life in Roman times. So far they have done a bit of mapping work to find out where the Roman Empire was, learnt about life as a Roman soldier, made fantastic Roman shields and Roman soldiers, used non-fiction books to find out interesting facts and learnt how to recognise and identify Roman Numerals. Not forgetting a very successful trip to The National Museum of Scotland where the boys and girls got to handle Roman artefacts and dress up in Roman armour and helmets! They are currently working on a group collaborative task to find information about one aspect of Roman life and make comparisons to our life today. They will create a comparative poster, which they will then share with the class. They have shown fantastic team work skills so far.
If you haven’t done so already please remember to hand in any unwanted shoe boxes – we will be creating our own Roman villas after the February break!

Roman Museum Trip Jan 2015 on PhotoPeach

P2 Trip to the Roman Museum Part 2 on PhotoPeach

Maths and Numeracy
In Maths the boys and girls have been learning to create and identify symmetrical patterns. They all did a fantastic job with their symmetry homework task and I loved seeing all the creative ideas for making a symmetrical pattern. Well done! We have learnt about Roman Numerals and even spotted some on or walk to the museum. We are currently learning about repeating patterns and tiling, which will lead nicely into making mosaic patterns as part of our Romans topic. They have also been doing some calendar work, learning about the months of the year and being able to put them in the correct order.
In Numeracy the boys and girls are learning to add and subtract within 10 (squares) and 20 (circles).

Literacy and English
We are doing lots of non-fiction book skills this term, thinking about glossaries, alphabetical order and using an index and contents page to locate information. The boys and girls are also learning to show their understanding of what they have read by answering different types of questions, including True or False? We are looking at lots of different genres of writing. The boys and girls wrote super reports about their trip to the museum and over the course of the term will be creating posters, Roman menus, glossaries and imaginative pieces of writing with a Roman theme.

Learning Logs
The children should have brought home their learning logs with them. We have reviewed our targets from last term and set new ones for this term. Please discuss the learning with your child and create new personal targets if you wish. Please return the learning logs to school by Friday 13th February.

Have a lovely and relaxing February break.

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