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The sun shone for P4 visiting Dirleton Castle on 14 May. P4 were able to find evidence of life in the past and did a great job learning more about life in and around a castle long ago. Andrew our guide did a marvellous job of bringing history to life!

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On Thursday 28 March, Jonathan Charles a film maker with Creative Scotland, joined us in class to help us plan our documentary film about Bubbles Beat Balloons, our school campaign.
We are very excited about being film makers. When we have shot, edited and made our film, we hope to share it with you. Be prepared for a premiere screening before the end of the summer term. Good luck P4! Another exciting opportunity for you to develop lots of new skills.

As we approach the end of Term 2 of P4 we would like to share some exciting moments from our learning so far.

The Eat Well, Cook Well Project

Community nutritionist, Ruth Davie and her team have worked with us to create some tasty meals which we have loved sharing with our classmates. We made a tasty burger and a spicy noodle dish. P4 learned about the importance of good hygiene as well as the safety involved when cooking.

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The First Minister Finds Out About Our Campaign

Thursday 7 March was a very exciting day for Longniddry Primary when First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon found out more about our Bubbles Beat Balloons campaign. Everyone was keen to learn what she had said and what we learned on our visit to the Parliament.

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Active Numeracy
P4 have been applying their learning to many different games and problem solving activities. Games help us learn the strategies of addition and subtraction. Has anyone been using cards and dice at home to make some simple number games? Some of us created our own addition lotto. We have enjoyed using these new games in class to keep our skills fresh!

Active Numeracy in P4 on PhotoPeach

Active Numeracy Term 1 on PhotoPeach

Learning About Our Planet and Strengthening Our Campaign

As part of our science and social studies learning, we have continued to find out more about the dangers to our wildlife and sea life caused by plastic pollution. In Term 1 Tara from Marine Conservation (Scotland) joined us and agreed to back our campaign, Bubbles Beat Balloons. In Term 2, Mal from The Scottish Seabird Centre entertained and educated us with a fascinating and fun workshop in the assembly hall. Thanks Mal. Look out for our campaign certificate the next time you visit the Scottish Seabird Centre. They were proud to sign our pledge!

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P4 use drama to tell stories. In Term 1 we had the fun of enjoying a taster drama workshop. Later we worked with East Lothian drama specialist, Sheonagh Davidson on a story called Giant. This story had a message for us about why caring for our environment matters. We co-operated with each other to bring the story to life using mime, movement and language. Well done P4 for sharing your confident drama skills. In class we used our ideas to inspire our writing.

Story Telling Through Drama on PhotoPeach

Giant: Drama Storytelling on PhotoPeach

Open Morning Term 1
We enjoyed taking our friends and family on a learning walk of our work from our WWI topic. Our stall for guessing the birthday of Flanders Bear was very popular. We did a great job to help raise funds for Poppy Scotland as part of the Poppy 1918 challenge. The Big Band did a fantastic job of entertaining us with their songs, including World of Peace. Our singing of WWI songs was amazing! Well done everyone and a huge thank you for joining us on this special morning.

Term 1 Open Morning: WWI Topic/Poppy Challenge on PhotoPeach

Hopefully P4 have been careful at home as they think more about the energy we use from the national grid. The Generation Science team joined us to explain through story and drama, how energy is used and where it comes from. We learned a little more about renewable and non-renewable forms of energy and how important it is not to waste energy. Remember to switch those lights off when we no longer need them. Unplug the x-box now and again and don’t just leave your TV on standby. We are being very eco-friendly in our classroom too.

Generation Science: Learning About Energy on PhotoPeach

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  1. Hi miss hart I would just like to say thank you for being the best teacher ever and your my favourite teacher ??????

  2. Hi miss hart I am really enjoying the high jump P E right now and also the running ? I decided to have a look on the website! (In case you haven’t noticed ?) xxxx from Ellie xxxxx

  3. Thanks for commenting on our blog Ellie. Great to hear you are enjoying the athletics work this term. You have all been confident individuals and never give up trying! Good luck for Sports Day!

  4. Hi Miss Hart! I am looking forward to sports day on Thurs. I look forward to being in P5…..if you will be my teacher of course!!! What is our last topic in P4/5? Can we sit in 2’s on last day of school and choose who we sit with…Dont make George and Hamish sit next to each other?! Sorry the questions are very random!!!!
    Love From Hannah !xxx!

  5. Hi Hannah
    Great to see you are looking forward to Sports! I know you have been trying so hard to get your fastest times. I just know you will earn lots of house points. I like you idea for the seats. Perhaps we could do that for the last week? We will see what the others think of the idea. 🙂

  6. I have really enjoyed are mini polar region topics on the animals there!
    It was a ton of fun researching an animal then making a PowerPoint or poster on that animal.

  7. I like that you are giving me a challenge in my maths. And I also enjoyed the rugby taster. It was fun to have a shot of one of my dad’s favourite sports!

  8. I am really enjoying our swimming session on Fridays. It is good to build up my strength in a different sport that I wouldn’t usually do. I am liking the coordinate grids to. Mini dot to dots really!

  9. I am going to be really sad when it’s the end of term! Because you have been a phenomenal teacher all year round! I will be over the moon if I get you next year. But if I don’t I won’t be to sad because after all it is good to have a change learn different strategies from different people!

  10. Christie your comments made me smile! You are using fantastic words and phrases! Did you need to use spell check for those amazing wow words? You were a star at rugby! Dad would have been proud to see you getting stuck in to the tag games and being so brave! Maybe you will be in the girls’ Scottish or Irish teams one day ? 😉

  11. Hi Miss Hart! I’m looking forward to sports day sadly it was moved to next week. 🙁 I showed my mum the video it made my mum smile. Also i’m looking forward to going to P5!!! and I hope i’m in P4/5 again!!! ***bye***

  12. Brilliant comments Dylan. Glad you’re loving maths. What are you enjoying best: symmetry, grid references or the recent directions work? You’ve done so well on all of them!! You are becoming such a confident mathematician! ???

  13. Hi miss hart! I have really enjoyed the p5 John Meir work as well as the mini polar region topic!! I like Hannah’s idea for the seats we should do that!! Oh and are you allowed the same teacher 3 years in a row?!?! If not I will really miss you !?

  14. Hi again! I just want to say I’m really really enjoying maths I used to hate it but now I love it!! And when will we find out our new teachers and classes?

    Love Ellie ??

  15. Hi Miss Hart!!! I wish that I could you as my teacher next year?

    At the start of p4/5 I thought maths was very boring? But when we started grid refrances In X tables I have started to really like it.

  16. Hi miss hart sorry forgot to put my name on it Hamish mcgregor!!!

    I don’t agree with Hannah’s idea that me and George can’t sit together???

    I’m looking forward to sports day.

    I am really ingoying the daily mile because us fit and healthy ☺️?

  17. Hamish don’t worry, I was agreeing to the idea of sitting in pairs (that’s all). Great to hear you are enjoying maths. There are so many different parts of maths not just number. You were brilliant at the grid references and directions. Must be all that outdoors camping and map work!! 😉

  18. Hi Ellie,
    You will find out about your next teachers later this week and will have meet the teacher on Thursday. I have not taught the same people for 3 years in a row so that would be a record for me but it would certainly be fun!! It is music to my ears that you are enjoying maths so much. It is a great subject once you learn to love the puzzling out part and learn no to be afraid of numbers. Remember they can only ever do 4 things!!! Do NOT be afraid. Spread the word…maths can be great fun!!! 🙂 🙂 😉

  19. Yeah maths is great fun!? I’m so excited for sports day and meet the teacher!❤️ I’m desperate to get you again!!!


  20. hi miss hart,

    I loved this year in P4/5 it was so good i love art and drawing where my favriout things this year i am sad that you are not my teacher because i am loved doing stuff with you.

    from Amelie mCcabe

  21. Hi Miss Hart
    This year I really enjoyed maths and I improved so much thanks to you.I will miss you in P5. Thank you for being a great teacher.
    from Tiana

  22. Hi Miss Hart

    I can’t wait for p6 even though you will not be my teacher. Hannah’s idea about sitting in 2’s is really good! xx Katie K

  23. Hi ms Linton I am feeling much better hope the class are having a great time with you, Grace xoxo

  24. Yay! My first comment in P4, I did some for P3 but This is my first for P4 but I wasn’t 1st!, Hi Ms Linton + P4 I Decided it was time for my own Comment! I also found
    out P5’s Comment so I did one there check it out if your intrested

    Want to be another person to leave a comment? copy this link!


  25. Well done on all your singing rehearsals, it’s a pleasure listening to you in class, you will be amazing next week in the concert ! You should be very proud of yourselves xx

  26. Hi Miss Linton I am so excited about our Christmas concert I think its going to be great! and I love all of the songs we are doing

  27. I think P4 are doing GRATE on there sining and are doing ABSALOOTLY FANTASTICK WITH THE .P4 .P5 .P6 .P7 SHOOW

    .p.s .p4. are the best at sininig …

  28. sorry for spelling mistakes!!

    I think P4 are doing GREAT with their singing and are doing ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC with the P4, 5, 6 & 7 show

    ps-P4 are the best at singing!!!!

  29. Daily Comment | Yay! Made it for today, I was checking out some of the other classes but I didn’t comment also Today my baby cousin is coming over! So I am making this comment early If you looking then comment down below!, Goodbye!:)

  30. p4 is the best class in the whole world I think and a merry Christmas to Peter Courtney me Duncan Struan Katie F Poppy Grace Sadie Katie H Ailsa Blythe Evan Louie Daniel M Daniel S Tom Jason Noah Patrick Eliza Anna Pippa Freya George Ewan Fiona Thomas Alfie

  31. Dear Jason, Lily and Daniel,
    Thankyou for your recent posts on our blog .I hope your visit with your baby cousin went well Jason? Lily and Daniel, the Christmas Concert was, as you predicted, great. Everyone was very proud of all the singers. Lily, I also agree that P4 is a wonderful class and your Christmas wishes are gratefully received.

  32. 2017 School is here! Good luck to every P4 Out there! Also 2017 (Hopefully) Will bring us luck, No Matter what (Again.. Hopefully!!!) and Thanks To MsLinton for the Comment, have an amazing day and I will see you later. BY- wait I am not Leaving time for School!

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    When you probably Read This you will realise that School is finished

  33. Hi Jason,
    Thankyou for your daily comments which I really enjoy reading. Please have 5 house points for taking such an interest. I hope 2017 will be great for us all.
    Love Ms Linton

  34. ( Daily Comment) Drumroll please! *Duh *Duh *Duh I AM COMING BACK TO SCHOOL!
    I was off un-well with a bad foot injury find out more when I come back to see your enthusiastic faces back at school!

    -Also I kind of guessed I missed my weekly homework, don’t worry I will get it today!

    …Hopefully (: ❤

  35. ( Daily Comment ) Well, holidays have arrived! Make the most of this week, I have a lot of thing planned also I might be getting my hair dyed blue or I will use blue hair spray, its 50, 50. Meanwhile I got a haircut, And I lost my fringe, it will be gradually missed. ):

  36. ( Daily Comment ) Holidays nearly over! One more day to go! ( Monday has no school! ) We will be back to school on Tuesday! also am I the only pupil that is commenting?

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