P4 – Miss Hart

On the afternoon of Tuesday 19 June we enjoyed more Kwik Cricket!
We proved to have some great batting and fielding skills.

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On Tuesday 19 June P4 with P5 and P6,headed down to the beach to take part in our community litter pick. We were very surprised by the rubbish we collected. We found some very strange and interesting litter, including a flag from a golf course, shoes and even a smarties lid that we found out was at least 30 years old! We were delighted when countryside ranger, Roger Powell, dropped by to lend a hand!

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P4 were delighted to share their learning about life in the Middle Ages at the assembly on Friday 8 June. We were joined by family and friends. The time travelling adventure transported us back to Dirleton Castle in medieval times. Well done everyone! What an amazingly talented cast you were!

Castles Assembly 8 June 2018 on PhotoPeach

Later our parents and grandparents joined us back in the classroom where we gave them a tour of our learning displays this term. They enjoyed reading our imaginative poems and seeing how our art skills have developed. We always enjoy feedback on our learning targets. A huge thank you to everyone who came along.

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On Thursday 7 June we teamed up with the morning nursery children and worked together on the football activity course on the astro pitch. It was brilliant fun! We wore our favourite strips and raised money for UNICEF’s Soccer Aid at the same time. Well done P4!

Soccer Aid 7 June 2018 on PhotoPeach

On Tuesday 14 May P4 visited Dirleton Castle to look for evidence of the past. We explored the different rooms of the castle and found out lots about the people who lived and worked in the castle. The sun shone for us and we had a fantastic visit and learned an amazing amount!

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A Snapshot of our learning in PE
We are working to develop our skills in athletics. Can you spot the skills we worked on this week? In which athletics events might these skills come in handy?

Athletics in PE on PhotoPeach

On Monday 23 April we were joined by SSPCA officer Catherine, who told us lots about the work of the SSPCA. We had fun playing a board game in which we learned lots of new facts about animals and taught these facts to our teacher! P4 loved teaching the teacher for a change!

SSPCA VISIT on PhotoPeach

We are all enjoying being back into our school routines, especially Accelerated Reading. P4 are working hard to gain good scores and earn points towards their targets. We are proud to now have 5 reading millionaires in P4! More people are very close to this word target.

The improving weather has seen us out doing our daily mile and we have been working hard to improve our personal times.

Still Life Paintings by P4 on PhotoPeach

Thank you to parents and grandparents of P4 who were so enthusiastic to find out about our learning at our open morning on Friday 23 March. As always it was fun to have our brothers and sisters join us too.

Open Morning: Sharing our Learning on PhotoPeach

Week Ending 23 March

As part of our Health and Wellbeing Programme, we have been having group discussions about our role models. Thank you for all the support at home with the home learning this week. P4 did a great job explaining who their role models are and why they admire them. We were able to list lots of qualities that we would also like to have and we discussed how a role model can affect our behaviours. P4 used their research skills well as everyone had done a great job in researching about their special role model.
Here are just some of the people who made it on to P4’s list of role models: Andy Murray, Chris Froome, Emma Watson, Malala Yousafzai, Bear Grylls, Marcus Rashford, Mo Farah, Juan Mata, Josh Taylor, Tim Peake, Leroy Sane, Ronaldo and even …Boudicca!

More Cooking For P4

On Tuesday 20 March, P4 continued with the Eat Well, Cook Well project and worked with Ruth Davie (Community Nutritionist) to prepare and cook another delicious meal for everyone to enjoy!
The dish this week was Spanish meatballs with butter bean stew.
Our school corridors had the most amazing armomas which tempted us until we were able to share the meal. Well done P4!

Eat Well, Cook Well Week 2 on PhotoPeach

Health and Wellbeing/Technologies

Over the next 2 weeks P4 will be working with community nutritionist, Ruth Davie. We will learn the hygiene involved in food preparation as well as practising our skills in cooking.
On Tuesday 13 March the first cooking group made Malaysian mango chicken with rice. It was delicious!

Eat Well, Cook Well on PhotoPeach


We took the opportunity to enjoy and share some favourite stories in our Focus Friday groups this week. We have some very keen readers at Longniddry Primary and it was fantastic to see so many reading millionaires rewarded this week too!

Focus Friday: sharing books on PhotoPeach

As we prepare for another Focus Friday let’s look back on the outdoor fun Miss Hart’s group had in September. As part of our exploration of the school’s vision, values and aims we spent time investigating co-operation and worked as a team on a variety of group challenges.

Focus Friday: Co-operative Group Challenge on PhotoPeach


We still had fun despite World Book Day being delayed due to snow. On Thursday 8 March we spent a lovely AR reading session in the village library.

World Book Day (Take 2!) on PhotoPeach


At last we enjoyed a delayed World Book Day. P4 looked amazing in all the wonderful character outfits. You were all so inventive and clever with your choices. I recognised the Tin Tins straight away and we even had a magical Matilda! Miss Hart had lots of fun as Professor McGonagle. Well done to Weasley, Potters and Graingers who joined in the role play fun too!

We had lots of chat about our favourite types of books and favourite authors. Outside, we worked out film challenges with the P2s on the orienteering course and we rounded off the day with a cosy book time in the library. Keep reading!

Film Quiz Orienteering on PhotoPeach

Friday 2 March
Some Maths Challenges!
Keep up to speed and fresh with our maths work on time by making up calendar quizzes. Show your family the kinds of questions we have been working on and show how you can use a calendar. Some ideas to get you started:
– What day is Christmas this year ?
– What day will Guy Fawkes be on ?
– What date is the 2nd Tuesday in November ?
– How many full weeks are in July?
– What is the date of the last Saturday in August?

If you can try out some time games on Top Marks Maths games. There are lots of good matching ones using analogue and digital times as well as 24 hour clock times.

Try looking up bus or train timetables on line. Can you find the times of trains leaving and arriving at Longniddry ?

Try creating some questions using a timetable.

If you try any activities please tell us about them and earn house points in the process.

A Snowy World Book Day! 1 March 2018

Hello on a very snowy World Book Day!
The good news is we are going to reschedule our celebrations and dressing up! In the meantime, I hope everyone is keeping cosy and take the chance to catch up with some great books!
Comment on the school website with the titles of your favourite books at the moment. Feel free to recommend some titles to your friends.
Who is your favourite author right now? Find out if they have a website and explore some activities.

Diary Entries:

Keep up your big writing skills while you are off by trying out some diary writing ideas. Can you remember the main features of diary writing?

– write in the first person.
– write in the past tense.
– use a chatty, informal style.
– end the diary entry with a reflection.

Try writing a diary entry as a favourite book character. What would Harry Potter record in his diary or write a snow day entry for the wimpy kid. Let your imagination run wild!

Write your own chatty, fun snow day diary! House points for everyone who tries out these ideas. Please bring them
into school and we will enjoy sharing them!

Snowy Day Tales!
What have you been doing to keep busy in the snowy weather? Please share your tales of sledging, snow man building and igloo construction.

Did you know every snow flake is individual and unique. Try to look closely at an individual snow flake. A magnifying glass makes this even better. Look at the amazing shape. Can you try to copy the shape and pattern?

Draw and cut out paper circles and use folding and cutting to make paper snowflakes. Try spotting the lines of symmetry and use our fraction words to describe your snowflake.

Snowy Maths

Keep your mental maths fresh by making up a snowy number quiz. Can you make up some problems for your family and friends?
E.g. 15 snowmen are built, 1/3 of them have hats. How many have hats?
A class build 21 snow dogs, 16 melt. How many are left? Give the items to build a snowman a price. Work out the total cost of building such a snowman.
Have fun!!


Our major focus for this year’s literacy week was listening and talking. We investigated group discussion and had fun watching the teachers do a very bad group discussion! We used our thinking routines to list what we should do and what we need to avoid in discussions. We presented fantastic solo presentations about a Scottish invention of our choosing. We found out about the invention of the cashline machine, electric toasters, telephone, television and radar to name a few! The traditional story of The Wolf and The 3 Little Pigs gave us an opportunity for drama as well as listening and talking.

Literacy Week Fun! on PhotoPeach


Welcome back to everyone after our Spring mid-term break.
P4 will be continuing their Science and Technologies topic: Scottish Inventors and Inventions this term.
We are all looking forward to learning from each other as we get ready to begin sharing our presentations in class this week. Remember this has got lots of opportunity for personalisation and choice. Some students are going to present information through drama and role play while others are keen to share power point presentations. Good luck everyone with this!



We started Numeracy Week by applying our addition and subtraction skills to some active games challenges with our friends in P5. We helped each other sharing strategies and had great fun playing lots of games to practise our skills.

Numeracy Week with P5 on PhotoPeach

Captain Morgan set us off on exciting pirate themed numeracy challenges on Wednesday. We had great fun dressing up as pirates too!

Captain Morgan’s Maths Challenges on PhotoPeach


We are working hard to recall our times tables facts. We play lots of games to help us get sharp and confident!

Times Tables Fun! on PhotoPeach


On Wednesday of Numeracy Week we buddied up with P2 and explored the skills of multiplying and dividing. We shared ideas of how we can skip count as well as making arrays in fun ways with counters and bingo dabbers!

P2 and P4 Maths on PhotoPeach


On Thursday 8 February our families and friends came in to join us for some numeracy fun. Our numeracy art gallery in the dining hall show cased our amazing work. P4 created times tables lift the flap teaching posters. Back in class we shared some ideas for reinforcing our tables at home. Multiplication war and 4 card sweep up were some of our favourites!

Numeracy Open Morning on PhotoPeach


On 29 January we were visited by the Generation Science team who helped us develop our knowledge of digital technologies as we explored the skills of designing, problem solving and model construction. We used engineering principles to programme our robo block robots. Our challenge was to design a robot which would be able to draw.

Robo Constructors Workshop on PhotoPeach


P4 had a busy time exploring technologies with their Robots topic in Term 1. We researched and interviewed our family to find out what would be popular tasks for a robot. Then we got to work designing our robots and gathering materials. We worked on our construction and problem solving skills as we built our amazing robot models. We presented our robots to the class and explained their jobs and how how they would work! We have some very creative and clever engineers of the future!

The Robots Are Coming! on PhotoPeach


Gosford Woods Visit
On 14th of November we explored the habitat of a planned woodland with Jen Newcombe, one of East Lothian’s countryside rangers. We worked a lot with Jen last year. This time she had some outdoor challenges for us where we tried out tracking each other using our sense of smell. There were surprises in store as Jen had some woodland creature friends hiding in the woods for us.

Exploring a woodland habitat on PhotoPeach


A few snap shots of our learning in Term 1. We have been busy with ordering numbers and working on place value. We can apply our learning to games.

Numeracy Activities on PhotoPeach


In the autumn term, P4 worked hard to develop their skills in gymnastics with Miss Hart and Miss Hume. We worked with partners and as a team to create interesting sequences of movements, balances and turns. Our skills of jumping, rolling and rope climbing are coming on well. We also enjoyed a taster session of badminton with Christine Black, East Lothian’s Badminton Development Officer.

Health and Wellbeing Learning in P4 on PhotoPeach

On September 22 P4 enjoyed an active taster session of judo. Throughout the year we enjoy different taster sessions across a variety of sports. P4 always relish any opportunity to have active fun and at the same time we were developing our physical and mental health and wellbeing.

P4’s Judo Taster Session on PhotoPeach


Rights Respecting Drama on PhotoPeach

P4 worked with the Hopscotch Theatre company to solve problems using a story line drama approach. We had a problem to solve. A very bad individual was going to take away all the children’s rights. We had to get to the UN building and fast to stop her on her quest. Later in school Hopscotch performed their own play about children’s rights which gave us lots to discuss back in class.


Drama Workshop on PhotoPeach

P4 showed excellent use of mime and language in this imaginative drama skills workshop. You can see we co-operated well in groups to create stories and characters.

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