P6 – Miss Higgins

P6 Snow Activities
Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying the snow! Here are a few suggestions for some fun learning activities that you can easily do from home.
World Book Day
Pick your favourite book:
1. Can you design an alternative book cover for your favourite book? Try to ensure that you include all the key features of a book cover.
2. Try to create a mini quiz of 6 questions about this book. To build on our current learning in class you could create a fact/opinion quiz or create some literal, inferential and evaluative questions.
3. Where is the best place you could find to read your book in the snow? Take a picture to show us! Then head back inside to read in the warmth!
4. Build a snowman and turn it into a World Book Day character. What props could you use to make it look like Gangsta Granny or Where’s Wally for example. Take a picture to show us!
Other Activities
1. Top Marks – visit top marks and select games to practise lots of different numeracy and maths skills.
e.g Hit the Button, Loop Cards or Fractions.
2. Chris Moyles Musical maths – have a go at doing one of our exciting musical maths videos from home. Please only do “The Wanted Musical Maths Quiz” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnSXKWdU-2k&list=PLJVZhktr-vlY7Uo1GL6sH7BgmNJhRDMnh


Primary 6 share there writing with Primary 3 – Literacy Week

World Book Day – 2/3/2017

An excellent effort with our costumes today! Well done to everyone.

Home Learning Tasks 28/9/2016

  • Spelling grid to complete each night. (Use kidspell website)
  • School blog entry using our new WOW words. (See home learning diary)
  • Education City tasks.(I promise it is working now! REALLY!)
  • Numeracy dominoes – so make your own game of dominoes where you are adding or subtracting or a mixture of both, two digits to two digits. Think about all the strategies you now know. Cut them up and play them at home. Then when you bring them in next week another pair of people will try them out!

REMEMBER come and see me if you need any help!

Welcome to Primary 6

Cooking Quesadilla In Primary 6 on PhotoPeach

We worked in our cooperative learning teams to cook our quesadillas this morning. We used our instructions from our BIG WRITING session. They tasted amazing.

Fajitas next Week!

We are very busy in Primary 6 working on our mental addition and subtraction skills.

Mental Addition and Subtraction in P6 on PhotoPeach


Home Learning Tasks

Everyone now has their home learning file. In this, is a description of the home learning tasks they will have up until the October break.

Home Learning Tasks (Up to the OCT BREAK)

Reading (Due for a MONDAY)

This term each reading group is working on reading with expression and fluency whilst adhering to punctuation.

The groups will be using Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes in order to practise these skills. Each week the children will get a new revolting rhyme to practise and prepare for each Monday.

Spelling (Due for a WEDNESDAY)

The children will receive their spelling grid on a Wednesday. They are expected to each night for ten minutes to Look, cover, write and check their spelling words in one column each night. There are four revision nights.

Then if someone at home can test them and write their score on the sheet (you can even play spelling tennis).


This is a great games site for spelling. Please (if you can) use this each night to practise your words.

You can customise it with your list and then all the games will focus on your spelling words.

Education City (Each WEDNESDAY the site will be checked to see who logging on.)

Education City will be updated on a fortnightly basis with new home learning games. Please try them all as this will help with your numeracy and maths skills.

Try and do ten minutes each night.

Numeracy (Due for a WEDNESDAY)

A numeracy task will be sent home each week, linked to the ongoing class work.

you may also be asked to go on our school blog to make a comment or ask a question about their learning.



188 thoughts on “P6 – Miss Higgins”

  1. 85-27=58

    I used my strategy of taking the units away from both sides which is obviously the best strategy by far 🙂

  2. Hey nonagons, is it just me or when you go onto education city and then go on homework that it comes up with your old maths group and not nonagons maths group because its really really frustrating >:-(

  3. Hello, totally my fault, technology has not been my friend! I work sort this out tomorrow I have made a silly mistake! Even teachers make them.

  4. I do love your strategy Jamie and it is helping others achieve too! Well done. Making our thinking visible really does work.

  5. 68+57=125 my strategy was rounding up.
    Go Longniddry primary school 🙂 Mr “O Malley and Mrs MacFadyen are boss teachers and so much fun.

  6. 75+66= 141

    I used the rounding up strategy (I rounded 66 up to 70 and added the 75 on and then took away 4)

    Molly : )

  7. 67-59=8 I used the counting up strategy.
    So does that mean I get 100 points Jamie
    if so I’m in the lead with 100 Jamie points!!! 🙂 :0

  8. 57+26=83 I just added 3 onto 57 to make 60 and I was left with 23+60=83. Like a boss ???⚽️?????????

  9. I combined the ham with the lettuce into a green and pink sludge and tasted it, disgusting! I need something else, I said as I simultaneously slided the sludge aside. I’ve got it! I need sauce! Luckily he didn’t die of food poisoning.

  10. Also, for 1000 Jamie points, where is the preposition in the sentence,

    Ivan sits beside me in class.

  11. Previously at Edinburgh Zoo we had to combine some of the exhibits because we were simultaneously bringing more animals into our zoo.

  12. 47+76=123

    I solved this sum by adding 40+70 which I know equals 110 then I added 6+7 which equals 13 then I added 110+13 which equals 123.

  13. This is my story Mrs MacFadyen

    Previously, I tried to simultaneously dust my room and arrange all my ornaments evenly over my shelves while also hoovering the floor! It didn’t really work! 😕

  14. It was optional to go to lochinsh, I wanted to go because previously my sister went so I asked my mum if she could arrange it.

  15. I can’t wait till tomorrow chicken fajitas yum. ? school is Boss. Mrs MacFadyen and Mr ‘O malley ? can anyone answer this question ? 8,476,234 + 2134 =

  16. Simultaneously I made a Black forest gateaux and a lemon drizzle cake and it was
    Optional if I would like to make a orange Drizzle cake but I went for the lemon Drizzle cake, This was my sentens ??

  17. Last week, P6 made quesadillas. Simultaneously three groups of three at one time worked to chop, grate, dice, combine and cook their way to deliciousness. I think everyone who was here thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!!!

  18. For the Ivan sits beside me in class thing, the preposition is beside. I think.
    There are three nouns:Ivan, me and class

  19. My sentence is: I took the remaining evil bread and hurled it into the bin, cautiously avoiding the mechanical beavers that were arranging their pistols into good shape.

  20. Hermione cautiously sprinkled the remaining unicorn dust evenly into her cauldron whilst she simultaneously stirred it thoroughly with a wewerewolf toe which she had previously stolen from Snape.

  21. My sentence is: cautiously I stacked the plates and cups although that where about to fall and go crash boom whalop and combine together in different colours like a dis formed rainbow aside the fact that mum would go berserk at the site of it I left it for a while. Remembering I had previously stacked cups and plates I herd crash boom whalop and the door opening and mum intrigued by the scattering of colours even though mum was satisfied she let the devil rip jimmy your grounded for EVER!!! :The end

  22. For homework I had to cautiously combine three of my Wow words to arrange a spectacular sentence!✏️???

    My sentence ????

  23. My amazing sentence is: I cautiously arrange my trophies evenly in my enormous trophy cabinet because on Saturday I won the u11s Scottish cup . Previously we where runners up.⚽️⚽️⚽️

  24. My AMAZING sentence is: The remaining kids for the football trials got put aside even though they hadn’t been tested, so they thoroughly agreed to cautiously sneak into the team changing rooms and sabotage the footballers clothes with chickenpox powder so they could get into the team!? A masterpiece!

  25. This is my story Mrs Macfadyen .

    I thoroughly tried to clean the washable marker of my arm and there was still some remaining only optional thing was to leave it and try again later.

  26. this is my sentence,
    evenly spread the cheese of the wrap and set aside the renaming cheese.

    p.s education city is working great for me. :~)

  27. Hey p6


    I worked this out by rounding 69 up to 70 and then did near doubles and then took away 1 ????????

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