S.A. Quiz

Thank you very much to everyone who entered the quiz. Just in case you are still puzzling, here are the answers!

Here are the answers!
1. The Old Course St. Andrews
2. A Boston Beer Samuel Adams
3. 130 Ships Spanish Armada
4. Continent South America
5. In our case it’s held on a Friday at 9am School Assembly
6. Mount Cook is the highest one there Southern Alps
007. Sir Sean’s most famous role Secret Agent
8. 25 Years! Silver Anniversary
9. Belgian Beer Stella Artois
10. Aberdeen, Tottenham, Barcelona Steve Archibald
11. Since Sputnik to the present day and beyond Space Age
12. President of Chile killed in a military coup Salvador Allende
13. The Binos Stirling Albion
14. Bee Gees Song Stayin’ Alive
15. H2 SO4 Sulphuric Acid
16. Sting and Lulu were never a couple Solo Artists
17. Wanted Sought After
18. Passengers on a bad road benefit from Shock Absorbers
19. Sell it in this section of the local paper Small Ads
20. It sticks it itself Self Adhesive
21. Founded by William Booth in 1865 Salvation Army
22. A would be clever-boy Smart Alec
23. Mod “Glory Boys” Secret Affair
24. Riyadh Saudi Arabia
25. H2SEO4 Selenic Acid
26. Too many sweeties may cause this Stomach Ache
27. Spielberg made you scared of this Shark Attack
28. Dinamo Tbilisi, Trabzonspor, Ajax, Rangers Shota Aveladze
29. David Gray Hit Sail Away
30. Fiddler on the Roof was adapted from a short story by this writer Sholem Aleichem
31. Phil Atelist needs this for storage Stamp Album
32. A team captain at the 2002 World Cup Sami Al-Jaber
33. Send this envelope to get it back Stamped Addressed
34. Barossa Valley Wine Southern Australian
35. A smelly mammal and a spider go punk Skunk Anansie
36. To feign sickness Sham Abram
37. Glue Sniffing Solvent Abuse
38. The Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin
39. A very good disagreement Sound Argument
40. Un heros des Coeurs! Stephane Adam

Passport to Paris


Primary 5, 6 and 7 spent a fantastic day with members of the Scottish Opera last week. After learning songs about groups of children ‘stranded’ at an airport they added actions and movements to turn it into an opera! The children performed to the rest of the school and to their parents who all dressed up like they were going to the opera! The day was a great success and STV even came to film what had happened! Well done to all the children and a big thank you to Scottish Opera for all the hard work!

Healthy Tuck Shop

On Monday 5th November the Healthy Tuck Shop is re-opening for business! It will be open at break time and will sell lots of fruit and vegetables for the bargain price of 20p! We hope everyone comes along to sample some of our healthy snacks like melon, apples, satsumas, bananas, grapes, cucumber sticks and carrot sticks! Yum Yum! By Cameron B