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11 thoughts on “Parent Zone”

  1. We think our child’s experience at Longniddry Primary throughout Primary 1 has been very positive. He has very much enjoyed having Sarah Boyd as his teacher and through her guidance his self esteem and confidence has improved notably. This has carried through to his school work and social circle.
    We are all looking forward to Primary 2 after the summer.

  2. Thank you so much to Miss Bell and Miss Haston for all the hard work put in this year, our children have blossomed in your care



  3. Thank you for your kind comment. I think it might also be true to say that I have blossomed in their care!!! I had a fantastic year and I am missing the children and staff so much.
    Something Harry would like to hear…….
    I was at a pirate-themed fancy dress party where someone had the wise idea that we should tell pirate jokes. I was completely stuck until I remembered the fantastic one Harry wrote in my goodbye book. It was the best one!!

  4. Just wondering how last year’s P2HB are getting on in P3….. I hope to see some of you when I come to the autumn fair next weekend.

  5. Harry still talks about you and says how lucky his class was to be the only year to have you as a teacher!

    Harry is also enjoying having Miss Hart and is doing well.

  6. Harry looks really happy. I popped in to school yesterday to see everyone and have a proper chat. It was so lovely to see all the smiling faces. It’s probably just as well I’m not teaching at Longniddry this year….we’d never get any work done for all the cuddles!! Have a lovely holiday.

  7. I just thought I’d add a comment since Becky and Nick were. Hopefully this site will become increasingly more popular as time goes on, and be a source of up-to-date information. Looking forward to a pampering evening with some of the mums on Friday – thanks for the invite! Also getting excited about the P1 mums’ christmas night out at the Glasshouse. Calling all P5 mums – I haven’t spoken to many of you in a while now – maybe we could organise a get together – any ideas? Take care everyone.

  8. Dear P1 Mum’s and Dad’s….
    The Christmas Collection for Miss Boyd went well. Even though we had very little time before Sarah went off, Fiona (Anna’s Mum) managed to collect monies from everyone taking part, buy the vouchers and have the children sign their name on the Christmas Card. Miss Boyd was over the moon! Thank you for taking part and thank you Fiona for all your hard work!

  9. Wholeheartedly agree with you Angela, Fiona did a great job – thanks Fiona. Best wishes to Sarah over the Christmas period, and look forward to seeing you next year!!!

  10. I think the minibeast garden looks fantastic! Well done to everyone who was involved in developing the area.

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