Our mud kitchen is almost ready to use! We can’t wait!

We have been planning our mud kitchen for some time, and consulted with children and parents to give us their ideas. Two massive bags of topsoil were unexpectedly delivered yesterday, and needed to be moved into the nursery garden. Some mums and dads came to help us this morning and worked really hard. We had to spend some of the money raised from our sponsored obstacle course on replacement willow screening (to block out our view of the boys’ toilets) and the topsoil. We have organised a little-used area of the nursery garden with a place to store soil, and some surfaces to work on. We will have plants growing that can be picked and added to the mud pies. We still need some small stones/pebbles to add, and some off-cuts of turf or grass if anyone is able to help us.

For more information on mud kitchens and ideas for what equipment is used (all donations gratefully accepted!) please check out the Muddy Faces website.  Their publication on Making a Mud Kitchen is particularly interesting.

Some photos of the Morning Group hard at work!