A look back over this week…

We have been extremely busy this week at nursery.  The traditional tale we are reading is the Three Little Pigs.  We have heard different versions, including one where it was the pigs that were bad and the wolf that was good!

We have been trying to build from straw, sticks and bricks, and deciding which ones are easiest to build from.

The Morning Group have been recording the weather and looking at the effect of the wind on our fabric outdoors.  They have also been making some very complicated models in the block area – mainly sandwich-making machines!  The dough table has become a cake production line.  Next  week we shall be making our own sandwiches for snack.  We asked our friends what they would like on the sandwiches so Mrs Gaunt can buy the ingredients.   Here are a few photos so you can see our achievements!

The Afternoon Group have enjoyed playing with the clay, dough, and being outdoors. We spent ages rolling the wheels around the playground, making them go fast and slow. We made our own doctor’s surgery in the story corner and took turns to be the patient and the doctor. We love to role play together. We are also good at looking afer the babies!