Ted Blog Day 9

We have had a REALLY boring day today.  We were stuck in the back of the car for hours and hours driving home in rain that never stopped.  It’s a good job we were planning to leave Skye by the bridge, because all the ferries were cancelled because of the weather.  We did see a waterfall but refused to get out of the car to get our photo taken because our fur would have got too wet.  We are exhausted after our busy week and now have to go to bed.  We think next week is going to be much quieter so probably won’t have anything to blog about.  We hope you have enjoyed our adventures this week.

Ted Blog Day 8

Mrs Gaunt took us on yet another ferry!  We think she likes going on boats… It was nearly cancelled because of the high winds, but luckily it sailed ‘Over the Sea to Skye’.   We have to have apples for our tea because apparently the hotel and restaurant are too posh and our table manners aren’t good enough.  We think she might be right!


Ted Blog Day 7

Another rainy day today, so we decided to go and visit the Isle of Mull.  The ferry this time was really small – we enjoyed looking through the porthole and climbing on the ropes.  We were delighted to find out that we had travelled to Balamory (Tobermory)!  We posted a card to the Isle of Muck.  It was a funny post box with a flap to lift up.  This was tricky with paws.  When we got home we had to pack because we are leaving the Lodge tomorrow but the holiday isn’t quite over yet!

Ted Blog Day 6

Today we went on a walk to the ‘Singing Sands’.  They made a funny noise more like shoes on the corridor floor outside the nursery than singing when we walked on it!  The beach and the scenery on the way were beautiful.  When we got back there were loads of birds in the garden so we got out the binoculars to see them more clearly.  We saw the red squirrel again this morning and are hoping to see the pine marten tonight!

Ted Blog Day 5

We had to get up quite early to drive to Mallaig in order to catch the ferry to the Isle of Rum.  We didn’t have a problem at all with the crossing even though it was a bit rough.  We saw some old mossy buildings that looked interesting then we went to see the castle.  It was quite wet today.  We were very glad we didn’t miss the ferry on the way back!

Ted Blog Day 4

Today the Teds visited Eilean Tioram (The Dry Island) and Castle Tioram.  Afterwards they sat on the beach of Loch Moidart, had a wee rest and planned tomorrow’s trip to Rhum.  Back at the lodge they saw a red squirrel on the feeder, as well as loads of birds.


Ted Blog Day 3

Today the Teds went to see the Glenfinnan Viaduct (where Harry Potter was filmed).  They were a bit disappointed as it didn’t look as good as in the films.  However they found a small wood where they were quite happy climbing trees.  They did have a picnic today, but they got too messy to take their photos, as they got jam all over their paws…

Ted Blog Day 2

Today the bears went on a hike to Sanna beach.  In a typically Scottish weather pattern they experienced sun, rain and wind.  Here they are at Portuairk at the end of the walk.  They had very sore paws.  In the distance you can just see the Isle of Muck, where Mrs Baker is moving to teach!

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