Ted Blog Day 7

Another rainy day today, so we decided to go and visit the Isle of Mull.  The ferry this time was really small – we enjoyed looking through the porthole and climbing on the ropes.  We were delighted to find out that we had travelled to Balamory (Tobermory)!  We posted a card to the Isle of Muck.  It was a funny post box with a flap to lift up.  This was tricky with paws.  When we got home we had to pack because we are leaving the Lodge tomorrow but the holiday isn’t quite over yet!

4 thoughts on “Ted Blog Day 7

  1. Don’t fall out of the port hole Adventure Ted! Were you posting a card to Mrs Baker?

    • I didn’t know Mrs Baker’s address. I put ‘The New Schoolteacher, The Isle of Muck, Scotland.’ Do you think it will get to her OK, Mrs Gill?

  2. I think the people who deliver the post are very good at finding the right person to give letters to. I’m sure they will find Mrs Baker, especially since there is only going to be one school teacher on Muck.

  3. We love reading about your adventures Teds!
    One of our friends moved to Muck, so Mrs Baker is going to have a Musselburgh friend!

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