Michelin Starred Mud!

We had a fabulous day playing outside in the mud.  Lots of mums, dads and childminders came along to play with us in our mud kitchen.  They all seemed to have a great time!

As well as having some good ‘clean’ fun, when children are playing in the mud kitchen they are learning across the whole curriculum.  They learn about the mathematical concepts of volume, capacity, weight, mass, time.  They are using literacy skills of speaking and talking, holding conversations, using language to describe, ask questions, explain.  They learn about the different properties of materials working with dry mud, wet mud, water and combining the two – very wet and sloppy mud, as well as working with equipment made of wood, metal and plastic!  The expressive arts section of the curriculum is included by children using role play skills to recreate what they are familiar with and by being creative with the mud.  Talking about the importance of handwashing/hygiene and not eating the mud pies forms part of the Health and Wellbeing part of the curriculum.  Children are also developing their spatial awareness, co-operation and and turn-taking skills, as well as their gross and fine motor skills.  This is just a small part of what is being learned in our mud kitchen!

If you weren’t able to come and join us today, please join us any day to ‘Stay and Play’.  Sign up on the calendar in the cloakroom (dates from August now available!)

Because the equipment gets rusty/damaged by being left outside all the time we are always delighted to receive unwanted kitchen items to supplement our stock, as well as old towels.

Here are slideshows of the Muddy Fun: