Morning Group ‘Homework’

The transition homework sheet should be returned by Monday 9th June (not May as it said on the sheet!)  Please talk to your child to find out what they are looking forward to about starting school, and also if they have any concerns or anything they are not sure about.  Quite often children’s concerns are something very small that we can easily help them with (e.g. Where will we eat our lunch?  What are the toilets like?)

When we have the sheets back we will use them to help to plan for their transition to school over the last 4 weeks of term.


Strange request?

We are looking for old garlic presses to add to our playdough table and for use with clay.  If anyone has an unused one hiding in the back of the kitchen drawer we would gratefully take it off your hands!

Also, if anyone has any old balance type scales (or other kinds), ice-cream scoops… They would be really appreciated.

Please keep passing on any unwanted pots/pans/kitchen utensils etc.  Our mud kitchen resources get quite rusty or rain damaged so need replacing from time to time.  We will store anything you hand in until we need to use it.  Your junk is our treasure!

Other resources we can use include old jewellery for our dressing up basket (even if it’s broken we can use the jewels at the glueing table); scarves, artificial flowers, baskets or containers made from natural materials of any shape or kind…

We love to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’!  If you hand in anything that we can’t use ourselves, we shall either pass it to the school, take it to a charity shop or to the recycling centre.

Thanks in advance.


School Health Week

This week is Health Week across the whole school.

In the Nursery we shall be focussing on the importance of eating a healthy and varied diet. We shall be playing games where we sort foods into those that are good for us, and those that aren’t.

We shall be practising good handwashing techniques and learning why this is so important.  You can visit the Health Proctection Scotland’s website for more information about handwashing and watch the Germbusters video we use with the children from the site by clicking here.

We have a visit scheduled from Ian from the ChildSmile team who will be talking to both groups about teeth cleaning.