Back to Nursery!

Just a wee reminder that the Morning Group return to nursery on Thursday 21st August 2014.  This will be with the new times of 8:30-12:00 Monday to Thursday and alternate Friday mornings, beginning Friday 22nd August.  The door will open at 11:45 for pickup.

A new telephone system has been installed with menu options for reporting nursery absence, or to be put through to the nursery.  We also have an answering machine facility on this line.  Please inform us of any absences on the school telephone number of 0131 665 2572.

The last bear blog for the summer holidays!

I got to go to Deep Sea World. We had to drive over the Forth Road Bridge to get there. I liked the tunnel that made it feel as though I was underwater, but I was a bit scared of the sharks. I was really surprised to see the mermaid swimming around with all the fishes! She must be more used to sharks than me.

Both Adventure Teds have had fun over the summer, but are really looking forward to being back at nursery with all the boys and girls!

Adventure Ted went to the Zoo!

I got to go to the zoo and I had great fun. Mrs Gaunt made a yummy picnic. The wasps wanted to share it though, which wasn’t so great. There was a lot of walking but luckily I got to go in the buggy. The penguins were funny when they went for a walk. My favourite was the koala and I think he might be one of my relatives!

Stowaway Ted – Day 7

I’m a bit sad because this is the last day of my holiday on the big ship. I went to the pool one last time, then watched a man chop a massive lump of ice into the shape of a swan! It was very clever. I wish I could do that. I don’t think I could hold the knife in my paws though… A gull landed on the balcony. I think it wanted to eat my lunch! It was much bigger than me, so I ran away.We sailed back into Harwich which is in England. I then had a sleep when we drove all the way back up to Scotland. It was a loooong way.

Stowaway Ted – Day 6

Today we went to Bergen. We went up a funny little train called a funicular. I’m glad we didn’t have to walk this time, as it was a really long way up. The view from the top was amazing. When Mrs Gaunt took my photo, lots of other people also wanted a photo of me. I wonder if they think I’m famous? There were lots of old wooden buildings in the town and I found this carving of a giant fish to sit on! There were lots more trolls in Bergen too.

Stowaway Ted – Day 5

Today the ship docked in a town called Flåm. We got on a train and went high up into the mountains. It was very sunny again. I got very wet standing next to the waterfall, but it was nice because it cooled me down. I saw some thistles which were very pretty – Norway looks like parts of Scotland. It is very beautiful. The waterfalls are all very full because the snow is melting fast from the mountains with all the sunshine. The ship got refulled from a tanker which was exciting to watch! As a special treat because I have been very good I got some strawberries coated with chocolate. They were very yummy!

Stowaway Ted – Day 4

Today we went to Geiranger. The ship couldn’t dock so they put out this foldaway sea walk! It was funny to watch it move out. We went on an awesome RIB boat that went REALLY fast up the fjord. We got to see some beautiful waterfalls – one looked like it had a gigantic bottle in it! I saw lots of scary trolls outside the shops. Lots of the houses have got grass growing on the roof! In the olden days they used to get the goats to eat it to keep it short!

Stowaway Ted – Day 3

This morning we had breakfast on the balcony. It was amazing to watch the fjords pass by while I was eating my breakfast! We went to a town called Ålesund which was very pretty. We had to walk up 416 steps to reach the viewpoint. Fortunately I managed to get a carry most of the way. It was very hot and sunny. It’s a good job I had eaten a big breakfast because Mrs Gaunt said the food was too dear to buy anything…

Stowaway Ted – Day 2

Today we were all at sea! We had to just go in the pool and relax. There was a posh dinner in the evening, but because I forgot to pack any smart clothes, I wasn’t allowed to go to the restaurant. I stayed in the cabin and watched a film on TV instead! I was quite tired after spending the day swimming in any case.


Ted in Norway


Stowaway Ted – Day 1

I managed to sneak into Mrs Gaunt’s suitcase, but despite being discovered I was allowed to board the ship to Norway. It is a really big ship and I am very excited to be on it! I loved the cabin and was delighted to see lots of fruit for me to eat. I loved sitting on the balcony as we sailed out to sea!