Halloween Fun!

The Afternoon Group had a Halloween Party today.  We had broomsticks (breadsticks) and magic wands (carrot sticks) for snack.  We came to nursery dressed up, danced to spooky music, went guising round the whole school, sang our pumpkin song to all the classes, and dooked for apples!

Here is some video of us singing the ‘Hairy Scary Castle’ song.

Website problems

Unfortunately there have been some problems with many of the websites from East Lothian Schools.  We have been badly affected, being a site created in the last year, and all of the photographs prior to the October Break, and many of the  documents on the website have been lost.  We will reload the documents as quickly as we can, but the photographs will probably never reappear.  We hope you enjoyed seeing them at the time.

Eco Week – Litter Pick Up

The Morning Group were joined by Primary 6 to help clear the school field of litter as part of school Eco Week. The P6s will be our buddies when we go into Primary 1.  It was good fun working together.  The field didn’t look very messy at first, but we found loads of litter.

Here are some photos of us working, and the litter we found.

Ted in Lisbon – Last Day!

PeacCheeseFountainToday I had lunch in a cafe. It was bread and cheese made from sheep’s milk!

I saw a massive fountain, and lots of peacocks at a big castle. It has been a busy few days and I have to go home now. I think I need a rest before coming back to nursery!  See you all on Tuesday, when nursery resumes.

Ted in Lisbon – Day 2!

Tram Ted

CastleToday I got to ride on the yellow trams that go all around the centre of Lisbon. They are very small, and go up and down the steep hills much better than the cars do!  I also got to ride on a train and went to see this fantastic castle that was on top of a hill. Mrs Gaunt thought it was a bit high at the top, but I loved it!