Our Favourite Stories

We shared our favourite stories with our friends and Primary 6. Have a look below!

Come along to the Christmas Fair!

Remember to pop along today to the school Christmas Fair! It’s never to late to hand in any donations;

• Bottles for the tombola, which can be water, juice, sauce, bubble bath, alcohol etc.

• Chocolate for the tombola and hampers (boxes, bars, coins etc.).

• Nearly new or new unwanted gifts and bric-a-brac so the children can buy a wee Christmas present for Mum, Dad or Gran & Grandad. We’re hoping that the children can gift wrap these at the Fair and any unwanted Christmas wrapping paper would be welcome too.

• Home Baking will be most gratefully received.

Please visit the Nursery stall. We will be in the gym hall.

We look forward to seeing you all there :-)

Loretto Nursery and Loretto Parent Partnership

Please bring in your sponsor money!

Please bring in your sponsor money as soon as you can. So far we have had very few returns. Every little helps! Money raised will pay for the Christmas parties for which there is no additional charge (magician, party food, prizes, present from Santa). If we have any money left over we will put it towards another piece of furniture for our home corner from the same range as the cooker and sink we recently ordered. The children are having fantastic play experiences with this new equipment.

Payments can also be made online. Click on the East Lothian Council Online Payments button on the right of the page. Select Primary School Payments and then fill in your details. Enter the Item Type as Miscellaneous and enter Nursery Sponsor Money in the Additional Information box.

Scottish Book Week 24th – 28th November

Next week is Book Week Scotland and we shall be having a focus on our favourite stories. The children will be encouraged to create stories and books in the writing area.

On Thursday the children should bring their favourite story from home to nursery. They shall be sharing this book with their friends and Primary 6.

Visit the Scottish Book Trust to find out more, or make a pledge to get reading during Book Week Scotland.  You could pledge to read a bedtime story each night to your child if you don’t already do so.

Research into the benefits of bedtime reading has shown that not only is reading to children at bedtime good for their literacy development, but it also has a positive influence on attachment and establishing good bedtime routines.

Happy reading!

What’s in the Box?

We had a delivery of some large boxes this week, that caused great excitement and generated lots of brilliant thinking, predicting, discussion, questions and problem solving from both groups!

Here’s some of what we had to say!

“We’ve got loads of boxes – 1, 2, 3, 4!”
“I think I might know what’s in the boxes… I think blocks might be in the boxes.”
“I think it’s hard stuff. It’s a table. I know it’s a table. I see it’s wooden. Like a wooden table.”
“You know what I think? I think there might be a doctor-mobile in it!”
“We have to open it!”
“We can rip it open with our hands!”
“Everyone should stand back just in case it’s a big thing!”
“It’s a cooker! A new one… for our Nursery!”
“Why that box there? We could hide!”
“Do you know what we could make out of this box? A fire engine or a police!”
“We could make a space rocket out of it! And paint fire out of it!”
“What’s in there?”
“It’s Spiderman!”
“I saw a house!”
“We can rip all around the sides and take all the sticky paper off!”
“We got 2 sinks now.”
“It’s not a toy.”
“It’s go a hot tap and a cold tap.”
“Water’s not coming out!”
“It’s a measuring tape… to know what size they are. It’s 36. That one’s small and that one’s big!”

Sponsored Obstacle Course

We had very active sessions, both in the morning and afternoon. We used lots of energy going round and round the obstacles in the gym hall! It was great fun. The Primary 6s came to help us. Please remember to bring in your sponsor money!

Here are some photos of the Morning Group:

Here are some photos of the Afternoon Group: