What’s in the Box?

We had a delivery of some large boxes this week, that caused great excitement and generated lots of brilliant thinking, predicting, discussion, questions and problem solving from both groups!

Here’s some of what we had to say!

“We’ve got loads of boxes – 1, 2, 3, 4!”
“I think I might know what’s in the boxes… I think blocks might be in the boxes.”
“I think it’s hard stuff. It’s a table. I know it’s a table. I see it’s wooden. Like a wooden table.”
“You know what I think? I think there might be a doctor-mobile in it!”
“We have to open it!”
“We can rip it open with our hands!”
“Everyone should stand back just in case it’s a big thing!”
“It’s a cooker! A new one… for our Nursery!”
“Why that box there? We could hide!”
“Do you know what we could make out of this box? A fire engine or a police!”
“We could make a space rocket out of it! And paint fire out of it!”
“What’s in there?”
“It’s Spiderman!”
“I saw a house!”
“We can rip all around the sides and take all the sticky paper off!”
“We got 2 sinks now.”
“It’s not a toy.”
“It’s go a hot tap and a cold tap.”
“Water’s not coming out!”
“It’s a measuring tape… to know what size they are. It’s 36. That one’s small and that one’s big!”

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  1. Wow everyone, these look fantastic. You are going to have such a great time cooking in your new kitchen.

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