Woodwork at Nursery – Can You Help?

We plan to include woodwork as one of our regular outdoor activities on offer to the children.  We have our busy bench under the shelter and a set of child-sized tools, safety goggles and gloves.  Children will only be allowed to use the woodworking tools if they are wearing the appropriate safety equipment.  Children will be involved in creating their own risk assessment of the activity (in addition to the official one!)

It would be great to have an extra pair of hands to help us support this activity.  Initially we plan to offer woodwork during our Wednesday sessions (Mondays and Thursdays are ‘Mud Days’!).  If you feel you could spare an hour or two on a regular basis this would be great.  Please speak to a member of staff and we will give you a little more information about what would be involved.  If we have lots of volunteers we could set up a rota.

We would welcome any offcuts of untreated wood, sandpaper, short nails or screws that are left over from any DIY projects.

Parents/Carers are always welcome to ‘Stay and Play’ during any session.  Please sign up on the calendar in the cloakroom.