We thought about some rules for using our woodwork bench today!

We used our woodwork bench for the first time today to try and work out some rules to keep us safe.  The children who used the equipment were all very careful and had some fantastic suggestions about rules.  The rules we came up with together were as follows:

  • You have to wear goggles and glasses, gloves and eye masks
  • Only two people at the workbench
  • Need a grown up to watch and help
  • Watch what you are doing
  • Keep in your own space
  • Take turns
  • Be safe
  • Be careful
  • Use it or put it down
  • Keep the tools at the toolbench – don’t take them anywhere else on the playground
  • Keep the bench tidy
  • Put tools away in cupboard after nursery so wee brothers and sisters don’t play with them
  • Tools not toys
  • Stand back so you don’t get hurt (don’t stand nearby if you are not actually using the workbench)
  • No running under the shelter ‘cos you might bash.
  • Put tools away before you take off your goggles and gloves to protect your hands and eyes

We are very excited to be able to offer woodworking as part of our nursery provision.  However, this activity does needs an adult to closely supervise.  We have had a couple of volunteers to help regularly for the Morning Group.  Are any Afternoon Group parents/grandparents able to spare an hour or so on a Wednesday afternoon to help us?