Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 2

The part of the island where we are staying is the bit that grows the most bananas.  There were bananas everywhere!  It was really funny to see them because they look like they are growing up-side-down.  You can see the bananas beginning to grow at the top of the purple flowers.  I got to climb in one of the banana trees.

DSC_0760 DSC_0749 DSC_0765DSC_0763

Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 1


I was lucky to get to go on the aeroplane with Mrs Gaunt for her holidays.  We were flying for 4 hours to get to Madeira which is a tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean.  I was a bit fed up by the time we got there.  The pilot had to have two goes at landing the plane because it was so windy!  It was fun when we got to the villa though, and I got to practise my table tennis skills!



Nursery Sports!

Many thanks to all of our families and friends who joined us as spectators for our sports day.  Once again we had fabulous weather, and the boys and girls from both groups had great fun taking part in the baton relay, egg and spoon, beanbag (on head), climbing through hoops and sack races.  We also had a big running race at the end.  A special thanks to the Primary 6s who helped organise the children and were good sports taking part in the ‘invisible sack’ race!

Our Morning Sports!

Our Afternoon Sports