Raising Children with Confidence – Tuesday 15th September

Come along to a taster session at school on Tuesday 15th September at 9:00 while your children are at nursery to find out more about what ’emotional well-being’ is, and how we can support our children to develop and flourish in today’s busy world.

We all want our children to grow up happy, confident, secure and able to cope with life’s challenges.  Some children seem to manage this better than others.  Find out more about why this is at the Raising Children with Confidence taster session.

More information about the Support from the Start initiative in East Lothian is available by clicking here.

New Term Starting at Nursery – Wednesday 19th August

Adventure Ted is all ready to go back to nursery.  He has missed seeing all the boys and girls.  Nursery resumes for all children on Wednesday 19th August.   Please see below for a reminder of the new times.

Adventure Ted ready to start nursery


Morning Group: Monday Thursday
Arrive 8:32 Doors open at 12:15 for prompt collection and exit by 12.30

Afternoon Group: Monday-Thursday
Arrive 1:15 *Early pickup 3:05-3:15 Doors open at 4:00 for prompt collection and exit by 4:15
*Please advise staff at the start of term if you wish to use this slot
Friday Mornings Arrive 8:30 Doors open at 12:05 for prompt collection and exit by 12.20

Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 8

This was my last day on Madeira.  I had a special cake for breakfast which was very nice!  I did a last bit of sunbathing and then we had to pack up the car and drive to the airport.  I had a great time and my fur has gone a little bit browner I think!  DSC_0721DSCN4280 DSCN4290

Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 7

We drove up to a town called Santana today.  There were some very funny houses there that were triangle shaped!  You could go and have a look inside and see how people used to live in them a very long time ago.  We also went to see a valley which is in the middle of the island.  We couldn’t believe how this man had parked his taxi!!!

DSC_0386-001 DSC_0387-001 DSC_0383-001 DSC_0372DSC_0370

Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 6

DSC_0417Porto Moniz

Today’s trip was round to see the top of the island.  We saw some lava pools at Porto Moniz.  It was a lot cooler at the north of the island and quite windy.  I nearly blew off the wall!  We then went to a town called São Vicente to see some caves.  The caves were made when volcanoes erupted and the lava flowed down the tubes!  We found out lots of interesting information about how the island of Madeira was formed when the volcanoes erupted, but I didn’t like the caves much.  I like caves that have stalactites and stalagmites best and these had neither!

Porto Moniz Porto Moniz Sao VicenteSao Vicente

Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 5



I had bananas for breakfast today!  We went to a nearby town that was called Calheta and caught a boat from the harbour.  The boat we went on used to be a fishing boat that was used to catch tuna fish!  We had to go a long way out to sea but we were very lucky to see loads of dolphins swimming and jumping out of the water.  The baby dolphins were really funny!

DSC_0767# DSC_0927

Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 4

Today we went to the big market in Funchal.  There were lots of different kinds of fruit and vegetables for sale. We bought some passion fruits which I got to taste when we got back to the villa.  I liked the kind of passion fruit we can buy in Scotland best, which is lucky!  There were all sorts of fish for sale at the market too –  I even saw a shark!!! I’m glad Mrs Gaunt didn’t buy that because I don’t think I’d like to eat shark.  I don’t like the look of the octopus either… The long fishes are called scabbard fish.
DSC_0725DSC_0579 DSC_0583 Scabbard fish Shark!!! More fishOctopus

Ted Goes to Madeira – Day 3

Today we went to a place called Cabo Girão which is on the bottom of the island.  We were really high up and there was a glass floor to stand on and look down through to the sea below.  I wasn’t scared at all.  The sea was lovely and clear.  It was very hot again, and we saw loads and loads of lizards!  When I got back to the villa I put on some sun cream and did some sunbathing by the pool.


DSC_0252DSC_0255 DSC_0302 DSC_0299DSC_0079