Parents’ Consultations, Learning Stories and Next Steps from Home

Parents’ Consultations – Monday 21st March 6-8pm  and Tuesday 22nd March 4-6pm

This year we would like to trial a different approach to our nursery parent consultations. We will not operate set times but offer you the opportunity to drop in and meet staff and chat about the next steps.  Although all staff work with all children your child has a key worker who takes responsibility for overseeing your child’s progress.  Parents are invited to browse the nursery and chat with your child’s key worker.  Whilst we will not operate an appointment system please be aware that in reality we can only spend a maximum of 10 minutes ( as in the school system) on a 1:1 basis.  Staff will be able to update you on recent learning and should there be any concerns we can make a further individual appointment.

We will review this arrangement for next time with your help and feedback.

Learning Stories are at home this weekend.  Please take time to look at your child’s learning story for achievements and next steps for your child (in the assessment section).  There is a sheet for comments at the front of the Learning Story and this can be filled in by anyone your child shares their Learning Story with.  Please return the Learning Stories on Monday in the bag provided.

We would also like to give parents the opportunity to be involved in identifying next steps for your child. Your child does not only learn in nursery and the holistic view of your child’s well-being is very important to us.
You may like to suggest a next step that we in nursery can help with and that you are encouraging at home.  For example:

  • Put on my own coat or shoes or… ( achieving)
  • Wash my hands after the toilet ( healthy)
  • Use cutlery to eat my food (responsible)
  • Be able to tell my own full name and address ( safe)
  • Cross the road safely at a crossing with and adult ( safe)

A sheet for your suggestions was printed on the reverse of the letter you received detailing the arrangements for Parents’ Consultations.  If you have misplaced this slip you can download a copy here to print out.