Story Sack Scheme – Grand Relaunch!

Reading is Braw!  And to help us enjoy reading even more, our nursery Story Sack Scheme is now reopened after a complete overhaul.  There are some of the old favourites but lots of new ones have been added.  The sacks contain books on a similar theme and some have a toy or puppet to help you act out parts of the stories.

The sacks are hung on pegs in the Parents’ Room.  Please remember to sign out the sacks when you borrow them on the label above the peg.  Only take out one story sack at a time and don’t keep it for longer than a week.  Please look after the contents and sacks – we may ask for a contribution to cover the cost of missing or damaged items.  Returned sacks go into the basket in the cloakroom for checking.

Please complete an evaluation form to tell us what you think of each sack.  You could also do a book review!