Balance Bikes – Day 3!

The final children from the Morning Group had their first balance bike session today.  Again we had lots of support from the mums and dads – thank you!

Here are some comments from the all the groups of children after their first sessions:

I ride a balance bike today.  I learn about to put a helmet and a jacket because I need to be safe.

We learned how to ride the balance bikes – you need to push your feet and when the balance bike goes you put your feet up.  If someone’s behind you, you need to ring the bell.

I learned about how to ride balance bikes.  You do the brakes.  They stop the wheels from going too fast.

We do balance bikes. Riding them.  We wear a helmet and you don’t get onto a bike before you put your helmet on… to protect your head.

We learned to get your helmets on really good to your eyebrows.  About doing the bicycles so the mums and dads know how to do it.

I couldn’t do it, then I could do it!