Nursery Fundraiser for Balance Bikes and End of Term Trip

We shall hold our annual Wheel-a-Thon on Tuesday 10th May at 11:30-12:00 for the Morning Group, and 14:30-15:00 for the Afternoon Group.

Please bring a non-motorized trike, bike or scooter to nursery for your child on Tuesday 10th May.  Please park them on the nursery playground.   Also bring a helmet for your child.  If you cannot manage this we have some nursery trikes, scooters and helmets that your child can borrow (not the balance bikes).   Hopefully the weather will be kind to us as we shall be riding around the school playground!  Parents and carers are welcome to come and watch.  We shall be getting lots of exercise as well as raising money.

We are raising funds to buy a set of our own balance bikes/helmets so children can continue to develop their skills, and also to put towards our end of term trip, reducing the cost to parents/carers.  We shall be consulting with parents shortly about where we will go this year.

Sponsor forms are in your pigeonholes!